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Yoga for Beginners

10 Jan 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose ) & Yoga for Beginners

When you are completely new to yoga, you may find it difficult and feel intimidating to know how to get started. But there is nothing to worry about. Slowly with more practice, you are going to be perfect yoga teacher. So It`s time to roll out your mat and discover your inner self through yogic life. Here guide on Yoga for Beginners

What is Yoga?

Simply, Yoga can be defined as the set of physical postures and mental exercises, along with breathing techniques and meditation. It is also collection of spiritual techniques and practices aimed at balancing body, mind and soul. The fundamental motive of yoga is to activate harmony in the body, mind and environment. It involves complete system of physical, mental, social, and spiritual development.

If you find that asana is difficult then you can modify the asanas that will help you the most out of your session. Yoga instructors are also always there for guiding you. They make use of props like chairs, blocks, straps, and blankets to help practitioners reach maximum potential and make them flexible. Whether you are old or young, overweight or fit, everyone is individually benefitted. Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas essentially work to lubricate muscles, joints, ligaments and other parts of the body. The asanas harmonize your body, mind and soul. It also helps in increasing flexibility and circulation. Yoga asanas can be classified into different forms like- advanced or basic poses, seated or standing poses, twists, challenging asanas. Asanas also bring out balance of ease and effort into each pose that will help you relax.

When you do Asanas then it should be done with sense of awareness and breathing techniques. You must focus on your breath along with the movements.

Some Yoga for Beginners

Here are some simple and basic asanas for beginners that gives one of the desired comfort.

  1. Sukhasana

It is one of the comfortable and basic, crossed-legged, seated position used in Yoga practices and meditation as well. You can do this asana wherever and whenever you want. It is good for body`s stability, mobility and strength. It has relaxing effect on the mind and body which helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Sukhasana is the beginning of the meditation.

  • Child`s Pose

This is a resting pose when you feel like taking break from asanas that require too much effort, you can simply move on to the child`s pose. Here you feel your whole body more relaxed. After a moment, you can follow other advanced asanas. It will gently stretch your lower back, open your hips, thighs, knees and ankles as well as relax your shoulders, spine and neck.

  • Corpse Pose

It is traditionally practiced in the end of the yoga session. It will allow you to calm your mind and relax your whole muscles. It is also said as the dead body posture because you lie down like a dead body with no movements at all. Some people may find this posture a bit difficult but with the more practice, u will be in more relaxed and meditative state. You can simply modify this pose by placing pillow under your knees or head.

  • Tadasana

It is also said as Mountain pose. This is the foundation of almost all standing poses. It stretches every parts of the body. Along with this, it increases stability, focus and concentration. It also improves your body postures. It is suitable for every yoga practitioners. Skip this asana if you are pregnant. If you feel difficult on balancing the pose in toes by raising the heels then at the beginning you perform this pose without coming into the toes. Day by day you can upgrade a bit by raising the feels a bit higher and higher and finally you can balance the posture in the toes.

  • Cat and Cow pose

This is the two simple poses that is practiced together to gently warm up the spine and abdomen muscles. Here you take the position of cat and cow. This posture helps in boosting energy in the body. They both stretch the lower spine, hips and back muscles. They also open the chest and lungs allowing for easier breathing. Cat and cow poses are simple poses that has great benefits.

  • Downward Facing dog

It is position that places your heart above your head, allowing gravity to increase blood flow and improve circulation. It strengthens arms and legs. It is also one of the asana in Sun salutation series. For begineers, this asana could be challenging initially, but with more practice, it will turm out to be your favorite relaxing yoga asana.

  • Cobra Pose

It is the gentle back bend that helps to open the throat and upper chest. It is generally safe physically and balancing energetically. It is powerful, muscle- strengthening when performed regularly. It is also one of the asana in Sun salutation series. For begineers, this can be the simple asana just lying on your stomach and slowly raising your upper parts of the body. It also makes the spine flexible.

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