Himalayan Yoga Academy

Education & research Foundation
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At Himalayan Yoga Academy we have twelve rooms with attached bathroom for accommodation, hot & cold shower, yoga hall, comfortable & hygienic  kitchen, herbal tea, organic food, steam bath, meditation zones, library, music instruments, yoga mats and wi-fi. Facilities at Himalayan Yoga Academy

Facilities at Himalayan Yoga Academy

At our Himalayan Yoga Academy we have the following services:
Shatakarma, Yogasana, Bandha, Pranayama, Mudras, Dhyana (Meditation), Accommodation, Organic Food, Beauty parlors, Massage, Shirodhara, Steam, Music, Reiki, Tai Chi, Naturopath advice and Ayurveda lifestyle, Panchakarma, Mud Bath, Sun Bath(Thermolume), Detox package, and many more.

Facilities… At Himalayan Yoga Academy


It means reception hall which is for welcoming to our Guests where you will be greeted with a warm and friendly welcome to our Guests.


Rooms with Attached Bathroom

It means House or Room which is for accommodations of our guests. Each room’s name is kept by the Mountain like Sagarmatha, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Amadablam…..etc.


It means House of Food where we prepare food and eat. Our dining facility serves 25 people around. We follow organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets as much as possible using locally grown fresh produce.

Aarogya-griha: It means Healing Chamber which is for deep relaxation healing, therapy, and spa treatment in order to get Healthy and Blissful Life: 

Shuddi-griha: It means house of six cleansing acts (shatakarma) which is for cleansing the different gates of the body.

Chaitanya-griha: It means house of supreme Consciousness which is for Prathana (Prayer), Yogasana (Postures), Pranayama (Breath Control) and Dhyana (meditation).

Svadhyaya-griha: It means the self study room with Yoga and different texts related books.

First Aid Box with normal dressing and medications.

Internet and Wifi, Print on request.

Spiritual Environment:
Away from the noise and air pollution of the city, our center rests above a lush vibrant valley sounded by beautiful gardens, local village and cultures and all 3 sides surrounded by jungle named Raniban (Queen Jungle) or  Nagarjun Jungle under Shivapuri National Park near by very close, just 5 km from tourist town Thamel with perfect zones for providing the right environment for spiritual growth.

Temple and Monastery: Around the centers there are Hindus temples and Buddhist Monasteries, may go there for spiritual activities morning, afternoon, or evening (Puja, chanting and kirtan). 
Additional Activities Hiking: Explore the surrounding area and take a hike through the country side, visit temples, monasteries, and local villages and farm lands

Adventurer / Cultural Package;

Spiritual Yoga trekking 
Spiritual Yoga tour 

Corporate Package
Work Shop

Meditation Camp

Lifestyle workshop

Jungle Hikes: Explore the local Jungle with its many hiking trails; meditate there to get real inner peace.

Jungle Talks: Go on a spiritual walk into the jungle with your yoga guru and take a rest for awhile listening to the wisdom of the teacher.

Jungle Hike: 1-2hrs (round trip)

Monkey Temple Hike around 45 minutes walks which are world Heritage sites.

Cycling: Explore the country side on bike. (Cycling Packages will be made on request).

Home stay: Hike into a local village and experience Nepali culture first hand. Stay a few nights with a Nepali Family (on request) after your yoga package, and treks and tour.

Volunteer: Give back to Nepal for your great experience here by traveling to local villages and out of Kathmandu in remote villages, schools, Helpless centers, disabled centers and health centers. Spend time lending a hand on various projects.

Morning / Evening Walks: Enjoy the quietude of early morning or late evening while on a walk through the country side.

Sightseeing: Explore Kathmandu valley with a professional tour guide on request. 

Worldwide renowned travel advisory website–the tripadvisor.com–has listed Nepali capital Kathmandu in its top 10 best places to visit in Asia.

The Retreat Environment

The Yoga Retreat is an opportunity for one to relax and rest in the natural presence/awareness that they just are. The natural beauty of the gardens, around views of hills & forest and other scenery provide the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s spiritual energy. This place is perfect zone for spiritual practice which is located next to Very popular Buddhist study center and deep sadhana center.

The schedule, teaching ways and environment allow one to let go of the demands and details of daily life and to reconnect with and reveal their own deeper knowledge.  Prayer, Yoga postures, breath awareness, restorative postures, meditation, silence, and free time in the natural world generally assist in this letting go.  As we let go of tension and the busy mind, a deeper knowing that is always present, reveals itself.

We feel this center provides the essence of yoga, retreat, reiki and spiritual healing in general.

In coming here, you will experience improved health, well being, refreshed, happiness, new energy of new life under the guidance of Yogacharya Swami Yog Subodh. People will get recovered from anxiety, irritation, agitation, and insomnia, biological & hormonal disorder and also will feel here to be rejuvenated.