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Meditation is a journey into Nirvichara (silence). It’s journey of self, throughout the self, to the self. Meditation is one of the organs of Yoga. Meditation is the final tool or key for entire journey of yoga. Yoga is more about the Meditation. Physical practice is the vehicle for meditation and meditation is a vehicle for Yoga or Samadhi. In fact, there are no any types of Meditation, just the path ways or techniques for meditation. There are thousands of techniques for meditation;We offer Special Meditation Packages and Trainings

Some of them are given below.

Shiva Dhyana – 3rd eye concentration – Shanbhavi Mudra,
Buddha Dhyana – 1. Vipasana and its levels –
Bajra yana Dhyana – way of easiness, Omkara….Mantras…vibration….. Hearing and feeling…..
Mantra Dhyana – Divya Mantra, Beej mantra
Bhavatiya Dhyana (Transcendental Meditation)
Brahmanada Dhyana – Omkara + Music + Silence
Kundalini Dhyana
Dynamic Dhyana
Ajapa Japa Dhyana
Mudra Dhyana
Music Dhyana
Sunya Dhyana
Pranava Dhyana
Sukshma Dhyana

Special Meditation Packages