Himalayan Yoga Academy

Education & research Foundation


Himalayan Yoga Academy is the first Yoga Center established for promotion of spiritual and yoga tourism in Nepal since 2007. In beginning it was different name of Natural health Center; then Himalayan International Yoga Academy and Research Center and later it was named as Himalayan Yoga Academy which has been registered to Yoga Alliance us since 2015 A. D. The Academy has been run by qualified Yoga masters, experienced registered yoga Teachers, fully professionals located on lap of Nagarjun Jungle in Kathmandu. We run Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.
Yoga For Health and Happiness

What We Conduct ?

We do training course of YTT 200 HRS and YTT300 Hours based on traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in very intensive both theoretically and practically. The trainees will gain the optimum health, true knowledge, full experiences, perfection, and spiritual awareness with motive to have supper happiness and self- realization under the proper guidance. We teach Hatha Yoga (Harmony of Body), Mantra Yoga (Yoga of sacred words), Laya Yoga (Yoga of Rhythm), Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action), Bhakti Yoga (yoga of Devotion), Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge), Dhyana Yoga (yoga of meditation), Kundalini Yoga,  Ashtanga Yoga (Eight Limbs of Yoga) based on innovative approach of yoga science.

We offer:

– Provision of residential training packages and gives spiritual and yogic atmosphere and also yogic commune in Nepal. Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.
– provision of advance trainings on theoretical and practical approach with short and long workshop and also physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation packages focusing both beginning and advanced levels.
-Training packages of Yoga, Reiki, Music and Special Meditation courses.
-Developing the International yoga commune with happiness programs by self.
-Focusing the Yoga, Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Nature Care,

-Promoting the spiritual tourism and researched laboratory revealing the spiritual, historical, cultural, Rituals based yoga tour and treks, Yoga Camp, workshop, Shamanism study and workshop & Research Works.
-Playing the key role in public to cultivate the hidden potency and entire beauty of human being and make them realize something else in this wonderful life gifted by supreme power.