Himalayan Yoga Academy

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Introduction: Yoga Workshop

We have the Project of few hours to few days yoga workshop on request in different places School, College, University, Industry, Office, Hotels, Ministry, Police club, Army Club, Social and private organization focusing health management, lifestyle management, science of happiness, mind management, stress management, better learning, office yoga, children yoga, youth Yoga, antenatal yoga, elderly yoga, cultural yoga, genetic yoga with practicable, musical, motivational and joyful session.


1. Basic concept about Yogic Science, Healthy Life: 20 minutes

Overview and path of Yoga, Way of Healthy Living, Yogic Body, Healthy Food and Habits; Yogic Lifestyle; Balanced Personality, Stress Management; Office Yoga

2. Internal Energy Regulation (Prayer) Phase (IERP): 5 minutes

  • perform comfortable meditative Asana
  • Perform slow, long and deep breathing
  • Chant the Divine Sound ‘AUM’ in the ethical pattern
  • Chant Guru Mantras or Devotional Mantra 
Yoga Workshop

3. Physical Energy Regulation/warm up Phase: 10 minutes

  • Sukshma Vyayama selected-items (sitting or standing phase)
  • Jogging with Kundalini Dynamic exercise
  • Cycling and Baby Play (supine phase)

4. Shavasana and Art of Relaxation: 5 minutes

5. Sun-Salutation Series- 6 rounds: 15 minutes

6. Yogasana Practice as different levels, needs and ages: 30 minutes

  • Standing Position + Standing Rest
  • Sitting Position + Sitting Rest
  • Prone Position + Prone Rest
  • Supine Position + Shavasana

7. Pranayama (Breath Techniques) practice: 15 minutes

  • Mudra and Bandha practice – 3 cycles
  • Vastrika Pranayama – 3 to 5 cycles + 1 cycle of Surya Bhedi 
  • Shitali Pranayama – 5 cycles  
  • Anuloma-Viloma/Nadishodhana – 3 to 5 minutes
  • Vramari Pranayama – 3 times to more

8. Yoganidra (Yogic sleep) or Meditation practice: 10 minutes

9. Question-Answer: 10 Minutes