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Reiki is the spiritual science. We conduct the training of all the degrees first, second and third and provide certificate as well. Those people who want to explore spiritual power and transform to self and others, they can join in this course.Learn About Reiki Training Courses

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that employs hands-on healing or palm healing to channel or redirect “qi”, the Eastern form of the life force, to improve health and wellness. While there are very few recognized organizations or experts who claim that reiki is an effective remedy for medical concerns, it has become a very popular practice in the past century.  It has spread beyond its roots in Japan and there are now countless practitioners around the world.Why Reiki Class or Training.

Reiki Training Courses is a combination of massage, blunt acupuncture, and psychological treatment that blends physical and mental treatments improves health. That all being said, this practice has been approved or scientifically verified as effective by very few medical professionals. It should be seen as a complementary therapy to other, more formal solutions to your health needs.SO join our reiki class in Kathmandu

Reiki Training Courses In Nepal