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Kayena Vaca Manasendriyairvaa – In Sanskrit with meaning

26 Mar 2024 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Kayena Vaca Shlokam

From Mukundamala, We have this beautiful verse of Kayena Vaca Shlokam.

Sanskrit Lyrics

कायेन वाचा मनसेन्द्रियैर्वा ।
बुद्ध्यात्मना वा प्रकृतिस्वभावात् ।
करोमि यद्यत्सकलं परस्मै ।
नारायणयेति समर्पयामि ॥

English Lyrics

Kaayena Vaacaa Manase[a-I]ndriyair-Vaa
Buddhy[i]-Aatmanaa Vaa Prakrteh Svabhaavaat |
Karomi Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai
Naaraayannayeti Samarpayaami ||

Meaning of each verse of Kayena Vaca Shlokam :

1: (Whatever I do) with my Body, Speech, Mind or Sense Organs,
2: (Whatever I do) using my Intellect, Feelings of Heart, or (unconsciously) through the natural tendencies of my Mind,
3: Whatever I do, I do all for others (i.e. without the sense of attachment to the results),
4: (And) I Surrender them all at the Lotus Feet of Sri Narayana.

Summary of Kayena Vaca Shlokam

This shloka prays and builds the attitude of complete devotion to the Lord as we move forward each day of our lives. Most of us go through the various activities of life. In our ignorance, we take responsibility for activities, and when the results do not meet our expectations, we become sad and depressed. One of the most powerful ways to achieve spirituality is to perform every action as a doer. If the mindset is that I have to do an activity because it is my duty, I don’t worry about the results. Just as a soldier, as an agent of the country, kills on the battlefield and is not punished for any action, there are no consequences when we act as a supreme agent. By the way, any action performed with a sense of wonder has a karmic effect with a strong potential for rebirth due to that action. However, any action undertaken with a true feeling that I must serve humanity or that this activity serves a greater purpose beyond my selfishness will have no karmic effects.

Final Conclusion: This shlokam is a great way to reduce our karmic footprint while surrendering to the Lord.

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