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What is Body, Energy & Mind ?

26 May 2024 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

What is Body, Energy & Mind ?

Common questions arises within us, Who AM I ?, What AM I? What is Real Me ?…… These questions surely do come into our minds, questioning our existence. So Am I this Body? Am I This Mind? Or Am I this Breath/Energy? …..These questions are clearly explained here…Here we explain what is your body, What really is your mind, and What really is Energy.

To realize oneself, one should really understand their body, energy, and mind, then one can go into the deeper abyss of self, where self is formed, where I, Me, my ( ahamkara ) arises. Self is the illusionary vision of the true self ( consciousness ). So-called life is not real, real / truth is silence which is inside of us…So let’s dive into the understanding of self…


The body is a proper and perfect system. There are two types of body Visible and Invisible.

A. Visible Body

  1. Physical Body- The Structure, Anatomy, and Material.
    1. Bioplasmic Body- That defines the visibility. Aliveness. like the happy face, sad face, movements, etc.

B. Invisible body

  1. Energy Body- Power and strength, that supports Body movement, vital- force.
  2. Mind Body- The thoughts, desires, awareness, command, realization, mental- force, etc.
  3. Psychic Body– The emotions, and feelings (energy body plus mind body). It is related to chakras.
  4. Astral Body- The spirit Body (Jeevaatma). It includes all energy, mind, and psychic body and has all psychic centers. Rebirth happens from here after death. (Limited)
  5. Soul Body- The consciousness, Self, Truth, Self-realized state. Aliveness. (Jeevanta Aatma). (Limitless)
  6. Cosmic Body- Body connected to cosmos. blissful state. Causal body (Cause of Seed) realization. (Param Anand Brahma Bodh). Reincarnation happens from here.
  7. Nirvana Body- Liberation; beyond birth and death.


Everything that exists in the world is energy. It is based on matters. In mythology Shakti is bhairavi and Shiva complements it to manifest. Trishakti refers to Bhav(Feelings, Emotion), Bal(Power and strength)and Chetana (Consciousness).

There are two types of energy.

  1. Anitya: External, Kinetic (creates a magnetic field and affects others to related eternal energy)
  2. Nitya: Eternal, Potential (silence, recognition, awaken, activated and self-identified)

Kinetic is active energy and is external whereas Potential is passive and eternal. The quality of energy remains in the chakras. The individual kinetic and potential energy of all 7 chakras merge to make a circuit in the body. The merging of these chakras opens the door of nothingness above the crown chakra. It is a place of nothingness, wholeness, and liberation. (Mukta, prashanta, purna shanta)


Mind is a state. There are two types of mind. Outer mind and inner mind.

A. Outer Mind (Bahir Man) :

The outer mind is a working mind and is active.

  1. Conscious Mind-(Chetan Man): The alert part where cerebral cortex vibration level is 8 Hz to 14 Hz Alpha Level. The body does activities by this mind (Note: State of Mental problem: Neurosis and Psychosis are 12 Hz to 40 Hz and 40 Hz to 100 Hz)
  2. Sub-conscious mind-(Avachetan Man): Frequency range: 4 Hz to 8 Hz. Semi-active
  3. Unconscious mind-(Achetan Man):. Frequency range: 0 Hz to 4 Hz and fully passive.

After the unconscious mind is realized the inner mind opens up. Awaken from the state of sleep (un-consciousness).

B, Inner Mind (Antar Man): Turiya (Realizing Mind)

  • Superconscious Mind – aware and awakening of senses, emptiness (impermanent realization)
  • Supra conscious Mind—Nothingness, self-realization (permanent realization)
  • Supreme Conscious Mind—Total-Nothingness, cosmic realization (permanent realization)
  • Cosmic Conscious Mind–Complete-Nothingness, Wholeness, surrender, Nirvana, (permanent realization)

During sound healing training or singing bowl training in Nepal with Himalayan Yoga Academy, We will explore how different therapies impact your body, energy, and mind. We will completely teach you methods of purifying these layers of life. We will also guide you through different therapies for different purpose related to the Body, Energy, and Mind.

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