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Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Yoga Teacher Training

30 Oct 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga industry has been mushrooming significantly these days. You may have noticed that online yoga teacher training have taken the world by storm these recent years. This has been pretty convenient for people to pursue teaching yoga professionally , you just need a stable internet connection to get the benefits of face to face teachings.

So ,This article shows the benefits and drawbacks of online yoga teacher training courses.

I think we can all agree that 2020 , 2021 has been full of surprises and challenges. Adapting the situation every yoga studios have shifted their yoga teacher training  programs to online basis for the time being. There`s a emerging trend of online yoga teacher training. But , you may have doubts about their credibility . It`s totally understandable if you feel that way in the beginning. Don`t worry we are here to respond to all the questions you may have and reassure you that they`re  excellent alternatives to in- person training. No doubt ,A yoga teacher training (YTT)  course leads you towards the beautiful journey of yogic life . Your life will be positively transformed as well as you will find the way to ultimate happiness.

It lets you share the benefits of asana practice, meditation, pranayama, shatkarmas and many important practices on living a mindful life with others.

To be a good yoga teacher , one must work upon oneself. Knowing about asanas , philosophies , history or doing a few sessions is not enough to be able to take this experience to others. A yoga teacher training course helps you deep dive into the whole yogic experience become a teacher yourself.

Is online yoga teacher training worth it ?

It depends on what you are seeking for? It is surely a life –changing experience, also online teacher training benefits you in many ways. It will deepen your knowledge , improve your ablility to to have better control and alignment in postures, sequences, and most importantly it will train you in such a way that you can help others to learn from you.

An online yoga program can be highly valuable experience , but depending only on virtual sessions can haffect student`s true learning. Online programs depends much on the teachers and structure of the online course to be successful and meaningful.

What should be consider when choosing an Online Yoga Teacher Training?

First you should know why you want to take the course.  Online courses are designed for different levels so you have to analyze your level whether you are beginners or intermediate practitioner. And most importantly you have to make sure that the school providing the teacher training course has a experienced teachers.

Most of the online courses you`ll find in the internet are provided by established  yoga academy ,considering present situations , they have started to offer online programs too. But not all of them are legit . So , one way to know if you can trust the school by asking their years of experience on teaching as well as if they offer offline programs.

Last but not least , look for a program that  includes the study of ancient texts, like yoga sutras of patanjali , the Hatha yoga pradapika. All certified programs include  mandatory areas of study for anyone who wants to become an instructor.

What does an online yoga teacher training courses feels like ?

Online YTT is a budget friendly and time-efficiency with plenty of benefits , starting with the fact that you can access with any kind of device. Online yoga TTC are usually broad and thorough. They cover all the main aspects of regular teacher  training and in person training sessions.

Morever , in some advanced programs , you get to do whole course at your own pace and timing.

Even though the class is virtual , a student can feel the teacher `s influence by the way they conduct classes. Being able to ask the question, getting live feedback , and more better guidance benefits more in the learning. No doubt in person- training is the best way to learn.

Pros and Cons of Online yoga teacher training

Before it wasn`t always possible to do a YTT course online , this has changed since covid-19. Online YTTs were a great help for many challenges like social distancing, and lockdowns. In this stressful time, online program let people find a new way of living a balanced life . Also , yoga is considered as the boon in this pandemic time as it is teaching people to survive through these tough times.

Best efforts are made to make online YTTC an all-inclusive experience. But, like everything, it has its own benefits and drawbacks .

 Pros of  Online Yoga teacher training:

  1. It fits you in your busy schedule

Online yoga teacher training courses provides you flexibility.Most people can`t drop everything in their lives to take a YTTC . Thus, online teacher training courses offers you the flexibility so that you can easily fit in your already busy lifestyle. This works well for working people and for those having families or other responsibilities.

  • More affordable

Honestly, a good YTT course can be expensive. The course fee is only one part of expenses . Your travel and preparations for staying in the retreat or an ashram will have their own costs . So , one of the main pros of OYTC is that it becomes less expensive. Plus , many online programs offers good discounts.

  • You can play it back.

Online YTT course offers lifetime access to all the classes. But, in a live teacher training session you get to do each session only once. Also, you can get many tutorial videos from your seasoned teachers then you can use them in developing your own style and self practice.

  • It supports eco-friendly future.

 People are taking Online YTT courses from home so that there are lesser numbers of  vehicles  and lesser use of  consumer goods and services during COVID-19 has greatly reduced carbon emissions.

    Cons of Online Yoga Teacher Training:

  1. Same level of guidance is missing

You can understand your teacher`s guidance well and think that you are doing your asanas correctly. But you may need some help or adjustments from your teachers. It may also be easier to correct your own postures when you see a student being adjusted from up close. A teacher`s comments does not become less in an online training . However, In online class guidance is seemed to get reduced in an online class.

  • It`s difficult to find focus, discipline and community in online classes.

We are all learning to build community online and we know it`s possible to make  connections online but it can be harder for some people to build and maintain connections via online. In live YTTC , living and learning with  other people create more disciplines and focus in a student. but, doing so in online class is harder, especially for beginners.

  • It becomes less immersive

A yoga teacher training is a life transforming experience. You dive deep into the yogic lifestyle. You not only practice asanas, meditation , pranayamas , philosophies in training , you will experience a change in your diet, your daily routine, and your habits. You connect with other friends and your teachers in a personal and interactive way as you live and breathe together. An online yoga teacher training can be good in many ways but seeing videos and practicing or sharing views is not as same as learning via a traditional ,on –site course.

FAQs about Online Yoga teacher training

You might have different questions before joining online YTTC, So here are some questions and its answering you may be searching for:

  1. Being a beginners , Can I still join online yoga teacher training courses?

Yes, you can . you don`t need much experience to enter a yoga teacher training. The courses are available to cover everything from scratch, and you will be given proper guidance and support during your learning. You can interact with your teachers more deeply as whole the session is only for you. You just have to be physically and mentally healthy and ready to take the responsibility of following a training.

  • Which styles of yoga can I  learn?

First of all , research about the online YTT classes for any style of yoga you want to learn.Every teacher has their own expertise. So, there might be available online course based on their  learning. You can join more classical Hatha yoga program . you may also like Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga or kids or teens yoga.

  • Are all teacher  training course of same duration?

       No, they are not. Time period of each course is based on the purpose of  the course . Like- In traditional Hatha yoga program , there are 200 and 300 hours programs . 200 hours course requires less time than a 300 hours course because In 300 hours course, you have to go deeper in each topics which takes a bit longer time.

  • Will I receive a internationally recognized certificate?

For an international yoga teaching certificate, you must first complete an extensive course such as 200 hours  or 300 hours YTTC . Such course required to attend on-site  training to complete a certain duration of contact hours.

But, this has been changed since pandemic crisis, Yoga Alliance registered school (RYS) members who`ve applied and met the qualifications requiurement can offer virtual class hours ( pre recorded and live) in lieu of live contact hours.

  • Will I be able to teach after completing a YTTC?

Yes, you will be  able to teach once you complete your teacher training course. Many choose to pursue a higher training course once they finish their beginning level course prior to start a teaching career. It depends on how comfortable and prepared you feel.

Conclusion of Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

What does yoga practice mean to you or how it can influence your life depends on many personal fators. For many people, the possibility to attain OYTTC makes them possible to learn yoga in the first place.

And while we all are concerned about pandemic crisis, its okay to go for online YTTC . The future will surely give us a chance for a in-site training and live sessions.

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