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Best Yoga School For Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

7 Jul 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Best Yoga School For Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

Yoga Teacher Training Course in Nepal

The Yoga Teacher Training Nepal is an essential course that is designed for 200 hours for beginners and 300 hours for advanced courses. These courses are suitable for both beginners also because of the ones with the habit of practicing yoga. because of the name of the training, the learners are often the trainers who may start as a replacement career. The training is given the certification which is accepted worldwide alongside an alliance of world yoga certification organizations. But contrary to the name, the event of a career in yoga as an educator isn’t necessary. The training is often wont to deepen the knowledge of yoga and correct the mistakes that are done during regular yoga positions.

What is taught in Yoga Teacher Training Nepal?

The Yoga teaching certification gives the required information about yoga to enable the learner to practice in his or her own life as well as teach others, which adds value to the program. Also, our course focuses on practical teaching skills and the development of personal practice. The instruction gives students more confidence in their ability to flourish in yoga poses and in their ability to make yoga an inseparable part of their lives. In this place, Yoga is taught to students by experienced teachers and professional yoga practitioners.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training Nepal?

Yoga training is one of the most beneficial life skills to learn because it aids in the discovery of our life’s hidden purpose. We are supposed to live u according to our busy lifestyle that has been maintained for a long period before our birth. This way of living has failed to bring the desired happiness. As a result, Yoga Teacher Training Nepal aims to restore the serenity of mind, soul, and body, which has been lost owing to modernity and urbanization for a long period. This training will help in maintaining peacefulness in your mind and create healthy thinking.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

A 200-hour yoga teaching certificate means that your yoga teacher has completed all of the necessary elements listed by the International Yoga Alliance to become a certified teacher. This means there has been some study into yoga philosophy, anatomy, postures, and history. The Yoga Alliance outlines a certain designation of hours of study that must be placed in each of these subjects in order to achieve the certificate of Yoga Teacher.

To me, a 200-hour training is a ripple on the surface of what is a vast ocean of information on the practice of yoga. 200 hours is like an introduction, a chance to test the waters and get our toes wet before deciding to jump in or not.

If any yoga teacher out there feels that after a 200-hour training, they know all there is to know about practicing and teaching this ancient tradition, find another teacher.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

This is the second level training course for those who have already finished the first level 200 hour training. So only after finishing the first level training, you can also follow a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal course, it is not a substitute for the first level training. A 300-hour course is more intense and is spread over 300 hours of training. It is also called Advance Yoga Teacher Training Nepal. It has a different curriculum and different goals. If you directly join a 300-hour training you will not have a good foundation of the basic principles of teaching.

In a 300-hour training, you will deepen your understanding of primary asanas as well as learn to teach advanced asanas. You will also learn yoga philosophy and in-depth yoga anatomy and physiology. You will learn and practice pranayama and cleansing kriyas. Most 300-hour training also covers meditation teaching in their curriculum. If you want to take yoga as a career then advanced teacher training is a must for you. After completion of 300 hours of training, you can register as RYT 300, and if you have also finished 200 hours of training you can register as RYT 500.

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

This training is a combination of 200 and 300-hour training. So basically it is a training which consists of first and second level training. It might be done in one go or in two separate modules.

Benefit of 500-hour training are that both pieces of training can be finished in a shorter period. But some people need some practice and time to absorb the teachings of 200-hour level before they can grasp the teachings of 300-hour course.

If you have time, dedication, and the ability to absorb a lot of information in a short period this might be something for you.

Why Himalayan Yoga Academy For Yoga Teacher Training Nepal? 

  • We provide the highest quality of Yoga Teacher Training Nepal  courses, normal classes, Yoga Retreats, and workshops for both beginners and seasoned practitioners at our Centre in Kathmandu
  • Our Himalayan Yoga Academy Team has been said to be the leading educators in the field of yoga for both teacher trainees and practitioners.
  • Our Teacher Training Programs offer students the opportunity to access authentic, traditional teachings of Yoga From Traditionally Taught Yoga Gurus.
  • Our Principle is that yoga should inspire, improve, challenge, and nurture the yogi practitioners to develop a healthy and well-rounded spiritual and physical practice.
  • Our Experienced Team of the Decade has guided and trained hundreds of students from around the globe. We believe in results.
  • We also believe in humanity and saving the environment for which we provide profits to nature-saving organizations and as well orphanages.

So, Don’t Hesitate. Join Our Yoga Teacher Training Nepal as We will make it the most memorable time of your life. Our Guidance will enlighten you throughout your life. You will leave the yoga family here being a perfect yoga teacher.

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