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Yoga for Students

14 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga for Students

Why yoga in student life?

By Dr Subodh Simkhada

Yogic Journey:

Normally, the children don’t have any problems in lives like adults but they need to do yoga for their academic improvement, stress management and healthy body and mind. All the students from class 1 to graduate need to do yoga in their life for their study as well as physical, mental and psychological health development.

Health + Happiness + Harmony = Union = Yoga

Some of the students are under the stress of their family condition and other psychological problem. If they do yoga, they can be free from the stress from outside in the classroom and they can concentrate on their study.Why yoga for students ?

Many types of research have shown that yoga can improve the concentration and memory power of the students. Hence, Yoga for student life is essential to improve student’s study and health. There are a lot of benefits of yoga in student life.

Here are some reason why yoga for students :

1. Academic Improvement

Research over the past years has shown that Yoga can provide stress-relieving powers on students, paving the way for improved academic performance with the practice of asanas, meditation and breathing exercises.

Students talked of decreased stress levels and being more at peace to study, resulting in an increase in GPA.

yoga for students
yoga for students

2. Boosting Memory

With stress, anxiety and negative thoughts sidelined through meditation, Yoga brings forth thoughts that you need to be focusing on. Studies have shown that Yoga has better results than brain training.

Historical wisdom has now combined with scientific studies to show that Yoga is a recommended therapy for students as well as adults.

3. Longer Attention Span

Active children might have a tough time sitting down to focus on studies. With regular yoga sessions of 20 minutes a day for a period of four weeks, children have been shown to be able to focus longer on subjects.

The yogic environment and principles encourage the mind to focus and concentrate on one thought while gently setting aside distractions. Children with ADHD have also shown to have prolonged attention spans with regular practice of yoga.

4. Improved Posture

Sitting hunched over a desk for long hours leads to chronic pain and reduces breathing capacity. Thats why Yoga will make you more aware of your body and train your muscles to align correctly.

Correctly aligning the body allows the body to function with a minimal amount of energy. Yoga poses aimed at balance, flexibility, and stamina, strengthen muscles and connective tissues enabling good posture.

The practice of Yoga will bring a positive change in mood and attitude, increased energy levels and the ability to focus on what is required by setting aside distracting thoughts in a student.

Subtle Exercise:
Pair poses warm up – Child Jump, Jogging

Some of Yogasanas for the students are here:

  1. Cat-cow pose
  2. Baby Rock
  3. Lion Pose
  4. Tiger Pose
  5. Happy Baby
  6. Staff Pose
  7. Child Pose
  8. Pigeon Pose
  9. Cobra Pose
  10. Tree Pose
  11. Chair Pose
  12. Lotus Pose
  13. Seated Twist Tose
  14. Garland Pose
  15. Baby Play
  16. Druta halasana

Anuloma-Viloma, Ujjayi, and Bharamari Pranayama

Meditation Yoga:
Use of Seed Mantra recitation

Here’s tips to improve memory for students :

Ashtanga Yoga Kundalini Yoga for 20 minutes a day, with chanting can help boost memory.

OM Shantih! Shantih!! Shantih!!!

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