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Vrishasana (Bull Pose) – वृषासन

25 Oct 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Vrishasana & Bull Pose

Vrishasana (Bull Pose)वृषासन

Vrishasana, in Sanskrit,  Vrishasana is the sitting follow asana. ‘Vrusha’ means a bull. An aspirant performs this asana resembles the image of manliness. He is believed to be a ‘man-bull’ and so this asana is called vrushasana. Physical flaccidity in a young body is a sign of old age. It indicates physical weakness. This asana helps to preserve youth.

Bull Pose is like one form of the foundation position of Gomukhasana, but not the Gomukhasana. It seems like the Dhyana-virasana (Heros-meditation Pose). But this is bit different by the legs and hands positions.  I noticed that many people are confused about Vrishasana (Bull Pose) and Vrikshasana (Tree Pose).

“Yaamyagulphe paadamoole vaamabhaage padetaram; Vipareetam sprished bhoomim-vrishasana-midam bhavet”-Ghe. Sa. 38; याम्यगुल्फे पादमूले वामभागे पदेतर।  विपरीतम स्प्रिशेद भूमिमवृषासनमिदम भवेत।।  घे.स. । ३८। –

Place the anus on the right foot. The upturned left foot touches the ground on the right side with the left heel to the left side of the anus. The top of the feet should remain on the floor. This is called Vrishasana.

Procedure for Bull Pose :

Sit with the legs stretched out in front of the body.
Bend the right leg at the knee and place the right heel under the anus and sit on right foot.
Place the left knee on the right knee in such a way that the left heel touches the right thigh or left foot close to buttock.
Sit erect and place the palm of the right hand on the knee.
Then place the palm of the left hand on it. And the weight of the body can be adjusted on top of the right foot.
Breathe in the normal way.
Direct your sight and attention to the navel.

Precautions :

This asana requires extremely flexible ankles and feet and is not suitable for the generation practitioners.

Advantages of Vrishasana (Bull Pose):

  1. Mooladhaara chakra is automatically stimulated and increasing the energy levels.
  2. It awakens Kundalini Shakti which enters the mouth of the Sushumna.
  3. It stimulates blood-circulation making the body energetic and the mind peaceful.
  4. It makes the respiratory system function in a proper order.
  5. It cures diseases such as waste of semen, gas-trouble, nocturnal discharges, indigestion, lumbago, insomnia, cardiac trouble, asthma and dysentery.
  6. It strengthens all the muscles of the body.
  7. Vrishasana provides a nice opening in the groin.

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