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Kundalini Yoga, an Understanding for Yoga Lovers

18 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Kundalini Yoga

By Swami Yog Subodh – School of Kundalini Yoga

Human Being is a journey of being toward infinite which cycles into circular motion in rhythmic order, it never ends. Human Being has by nature no purpose, we should live without purpose, and life should be purposeless. If we try to live with purpose that means we are living with future, we shall truly be suffering and worrying in life because purpose tends to future, always ahead.Learn Further about Kundalini Yoga

All of us are on a journey back home, back to nature, back to Supreme Being, from where our journey initiated.  In fact, all of us has fallen into worldly home and left heavenly home, so we are facing and suffering with heavier and fatal miseries, is barrier of happy life.

The journey of human soul is fallen from our heavenly source of existence into material and painful modern life. Our evolution is the ascent out of these lower realms, experiencing the paths, to master our energies and to realize the beauty, goodness and ultimate truth. The way of ultimate liberation is acheived throughout the Antaranga Yoga (Integral).

Yoga means harmony or equanimity with almighty Divine Mother.  Yoga or Union is not done, is achieved, and is realized throughout the divine power and cosmic consciousness. there are different paths of Yoga. Kundalini is not types of yoga, is the stage of transformed energy into spiritual power, a form of Goddess (Durga) or the feminine supremacy, an ultimate energy for Yoga or Samadhi. Our potential energy and biological energy transforms into sexual energy, creative energy, is a form of kundalini (faminine power) , eventually transforms into cosmic consciousness.

Kundalini lies as coiled serpent at the base of the spine, in between first and second chakras and upgrades through wheel –like energy centers called Chakras. These chakras are associated with endocrine glands under neuro-control. To understand the Kundalini Yoga, we should firstly know about the yogic anatomy and physiology i.e. Yogic body composition – Pancha kosa (five sheaths), Prana Body – pancha prana (five life force), Nadis (psychic channels), Chakras (psychic centers), and Kundalini (spiritual energy).

Kundalini is a special form of energy within every individual, some of persons have dormant, and in some, it was slowly evolving while in a few it was fully awakened. The word ‘Kundalini’ is derived from Tantra Yoga. This word is rooted from ‘Kunda’ means a pit or deeper spring in which the human energy settles in the form of a coiled three and half  times and closing the opening of the sushumna nerve in the center of the spine cord by its mouth.  

In males, it lies asleep in the perineum between anus and genitals. In females it lies at the root of the uterus in the cervix. Kundalini represents shakti or power, will and action and is manifested by female deity. The masculine static form of energy is activated only through the female kinetic energy of goddess.  According to Yoga Philosophy, the Goddess (Kali), the first manifestation of sleeping Kundalini, is a terrible and uncontrollable power represented by her standing on the core of consciousness (Lord Shiva).

To be continued…. Kundalini Yoga, an Understanding for Yoga Lovers

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