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Travel to Nepal for Yoga Teacher Training in 2021

20 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Teacher Training in 2020

Nepal is perfect destination for people who wanna experience from luxury tourism activity to wild trekking adventures. Every experience can be found in this small landlocked country.Yoga Teacher Training can be a wonderful experience for the travellers who wish to broaden the knowledge of yoga and have full experience of travelling abroad.Nepal being a hyper tourism bomb can create your yoga teacher training experience to fullest and thrillest.

SO here’s question is Why to do your yoga teacher training 2021 in Nepal ?

 From the remotest corners to the urban landscape, Nepal embodies a sensory experience of colours, sounds, sights and tastes. Visit Nepal welcomes you to life’s amazing moments.So does Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal provides you ultimate knowledge and experience.What special about VisitNepal 2020 ? The reasons are :

Local Food

Nepal is very famous for its food and local culture. Although small landlocked , you can enjoy a variety of dishes with a warm welcome and best hospitality.

if you visit Nepal, you get the wonderful chance to get familiar with the delicious local food of various ethnic groups of Nepal.During your teacher training, you get to eat different dishes from Delicious Dal Bhat to Chapati etc . Nepalese food is more than just delicious and healthy as well.

Local Culture

During your yoga teacher training, you get chance to be familiar with various new cultures and traditions. During your holidays in training ,you get chance to visit multiple Temples and Stupa. The city Kathmandu is known as the City of Temples. Also you can be part of Nepalese festivals and traditions and have the enjoyable time. This way, you get to know people and place much better.

Low-Budget destination :

Normally if you have low budget and wanna have a wonderful experience for your yoga teacher training then Nepal could be perfect destination.For Nepal everything flights, accommodation, and other significant services can be found at ridiculously low prices. SO Nepal may be one of the cheapest yet best tourist destinations in terms of the cost of services.

National parks and Conservation Areas :

Nepal is home to vast natural resources , Currently, there are nine national parks, three conservation areas, three wildlife reserves, and 11 buffer zones. And it is 19.67 % of the total land area of Nepal. Nepal is saving wild dense forest and wildlife so effectively.

During yoga teacher training or after training, if you wish too see wildlife , then you may go to different locations and enjoy your sighseeing beautifully.You may also do different hikes as well.

Special Reason’s Why to Visit Nepal in 2021 ?

  1. In Nepal, the various tourism service providers will provide various offers and discount to there products.That will help you in exeperiencing different things.For example Airliness will provide special fares, Hotels will provide special rates for rooms etc.
  2. During the year 2020, the government is organzing different cultural, adventure and breathtaking events which will provide you chance to enjoy various experiences.
  3. During this year, the goverment is promoting sustanable tourism and well managed tourism, which will make your travel more smooth and worth it.
  4. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation(MoCTCA) will review the air service agreements with Thailand, Japan, Egypt and China among others which will make your flight experience more easier, cheaper and reliable.

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