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30 Apr 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Things to do for Coronavirus Cure

“Prevention is better than Cure”

Virus is lives, naturally appears and develops. We have natural resistivity power to fight against all types of microbes. So using mask & sanitizers, staying quarantine or isolation is actually not solution, just it can be little bit precautions. Only one final solution or permanent solution is to empower our natural or intrinsic original immunity.  

The immune system: innate and adaptive immunity

There are continuous advances in our current understanding of the immune system and how it functions to protect the body from infection. The immune system refers to a collection of cells, chemicals and processes that function to protect the skin, respiratory passages, intestinal tract and other areas from foreign antigens, such as microbes (organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites), viruses, cancer cells, and toxins. Beyond, the structural and chemical barriers which protect us from infection, the immune system can be simplistically viewed as having two “lines of defense”: innate immunity and adaptive immunity.

 Innate immunity represents the first line of defense to an intruding pathogen. It is an antigen-independent (non-specific) defense mechanism that is used by the host immediately or within hours of encountering an antigen.  Adaptive immunity, on the other hand, is antigen-dependent and antigen-specific and, therefore, involves a lag time between exposure to the antigen and maximal response.

In case this immunity is down and weak, the microbes from outsides can attack in the body. Then it slowly makes us infection.

Things to note at first stage

  • Cleanse nose with Salty  water or Do Jala Neti, rinse and gargle as well
  •  Do exercise lightly if no fever, no tired, if not do exercise, walking,  or yogasana or work in farm until sweat breaks.
  •  Take long breath in and out or do pranayama, especially Bhastrika series and Sheetali  if you know.
  •  Take steam inhalation with herb’s drops or leaves
  • Take a sun bath at morning 7 to 10 am and 4 to 6 evening (Time for summer)
  •  Gargle when coming from outsides and before beds
  • Chant any mantra or beej mantra, or any forms of Dhyana (meditation) as you know.
  • Listen sentimental  music to increase concentration and for energy flow
  • Take multivitamins, vitamin C, and Natural balance diet in right time right way right purpose .
  • Intake of less sweet things, less kapha associated foods and emphasize vegetarian and vegan food if possible.
  • Drink enough water as need warm or lukewarm, or day time normal room temperatue
  • Drink herbal tea like Tulsi, Mint, Lemon grass, Caraway seed (Jwano), cinnamon, and ginger etc.
  • Take some more herbs like Turmeric powder (Besaar), Pepper, Tinospora cordifolia (Gurjo), Garlic, Liquorices (Jethimadhu), Long pepper (Pipla), Green gooseberry (Amala), etc.
Coronavirus Cure
  • Take one spoonful of Chyavanaprasa twice a day
  • Intake of Honey 1 teaspoon twice / thrice a day
  • Take rest, proper sleep and build up your willpower, self-confidence etc.
  • Laughing and clapping therapy
  • Stay in ventilated room, but don’t watch TV news at all and don’t read the news paper.
  • You can read motivational and inspiring books, stories, poems, spiritual texts, etc, do something creative things and engage in your hobby.
  • Don’t use the Mask in private isolated rooms or alone in open place or morning walk, but must use in more people together and keep the door and windows open and ventilated as well.
  • Minimize your duty hours if possible and be mask free more time a day 

Second stage

  1. If there are symptoms and complications, further treatment should be done. You may choose firstly Nature Cure, Ayurveda, and natural or spiritual healing etc.
  2.  Modern medicines as need.

Note: It is better to have optimum use of natural VENTILATION rather than the entry into VENTILATOR.

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