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The 12 Laws Of Karma: Let’s Understand Cause And Effect

23 Jan 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

The 12 Laws Of Karma: Let's Understand Cause And Effect

What really is the law of karma? What is good karma and bad karma? And what do you need to do in order to make sure you don`t attract bad karma?

There are 12 laws of karma in altogether. When you live in accordance with the 12 laws of karma, you create good karma in your life.

Let`s begin with the definition of karma.

What is Karma?

Karma simply defined as an individual`s good and bad actions in one of their lives where good deeds will lead to a future beneficial effect, while a bad deed will lead to future harmful effect. Karma is the law of cause and effect in the universe. Laws of Karma are all about positive and negative balances. And they come from our words, thoughts, and deed.

Each and every actions we do creates its corresponding energy. That energy come back to us in some form or another. Simply we can say everything we do is connected to our karma. Following the laws of karma, we can truly become the best versions of ourselves so that we can change our life path`s and make our future better through our good deeds and actions.

What are the 12 Laws of Karma?

Everything in the Universe is related to energy. Our thoughts and emotions are also energy in motion. Everything we do has corresponding consequences according to your positive or negative deeds, actions and thoughts. Individual creates his own destiny by thoughts, deeds, words and actions.

For the good karma throughout your life, follow these 12 laws of karma as guidelines.

  • The Great law

It is also translated as Law of cause and effect. Whatever thoughts, energy, words, deeds and actions you give out is also what you will receive back either positive or negative. So If you want to be loved then be loving to others, if you want strong financial then be generous to others. If you want happiness, peace, generosity and love then u must treat other the same way you want to receive from them.

  • The Law of Creation

We ourselves are in charge of creating our life, making it what you want and leading our life in better path. We need to be active in our lives if we want to get something we desire. We cannot simply wait for the things to happen. Instead, go out, explore and create yourself. Surround yourself with what you want in your life. Look at the environment, feel it and find yourself within the nature, create your own space for the things you wish to show up.

If you aren`t satisfied with your life or your recent life is not the way you wanted to be then, look within you. Just ask yourself if I could bring any change to create the future you desire.

  • Law of Humility

You must be able to accept reality and understand that your current situation is a result of your past actions. If you constantly blame others for things you have created, you are out of step with reality. If you fall into this category then it will be difficult to make the necessary shifts. One must accept something in order to change it.

Start with where you are. If you really want to change anything, you must have understanding of what, where and why you are starting. Accept the current reality with humility then actively work to change what needs to be changed. Self- reflection helps you make the most out of this law.

  • Law of Growth

The growth within you should never stop. Bring some growth in yourself then only we can change the world around us. You have to expect growth in yourself before expecting the growth around you. There are always new ideas, skills traits we need to develop. So focus on your development before trying to control or change others. The only focus should be on you. Do not stress over the people around you. For a positive world, start with yourself, have control on yourself and work on personal growth. Then life will follow. Maybe even the world will follow.

  • The Law of Responsibility

Honestly, you are the only one responsible for what`s happening throughout your life`s journey.

Humbly, just accept what`s going in your life whether its good or bad. Don`t make excuses. Deal with the bad too. What is happening around you is a mirror for what is happening within you. Whether your life experience is unpleasant or fantastic, you are responsible for it. Make sure to take the ownership for any good or bad thing you create yourself. Whatever happens to you it is because of your own actions. You can`t control what`s happening rather you can take responsibility for how you respond to those things.

  • Law of Connection

We have to accept the fact that everything around us is somehow connected. Also our past, present and future are also connected. It reminds us that the control over the present and past can help destroy the bad energy of our past actions. This law reminds us about the new chances to redress our karmic wrongs from the past. At the present you are going through something this is all because of your past actions so if you want your future to be the way you wish, today`s actions can define your future life. We are all interrelated. Everything you have experienced in the past makes you who you are today. And it influences who you will be tomorrow. Our interactions with others also have an influence on their lives as well.

  • Law of Focus

  Just concentrate on one thing at the one time, Don`t lose focus that may slow you down and open      doors to negativity. Our mind shouldn`t be following multiple train of thoughts with equal competency. So, if you have several important goals, follow them in a systematic order. Don`t divide your energy while doing at same time. You must give your all energy to one goal at one time. Also another lesson from this law is to focus on your higher values. Don`t ever focus on lower thoughts and emotions like anger, possessiveness, greediness.

  • Law of Hospitality

In life, we will have many opportunities or tests to demonstrate our commitment to that belief. You actions will reflect what you believe. These test reminds you to grow a bit more if you are not able to put your beliefs into actions. Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intentions. We must show into actions all the things we claim to believe.

  • The law of Here and There

Sometimes, we totally forgot to enjoy the present time by worrying about future and remembering the past. This law reminds us to live in the present moment. We shouldn`t observe our past experiences, choices and grieve over them because we can`t change them now. Present is all you really have. So, be engaged and enjoy to the fullest right now.

  • Law of Change

History repeats until you learn from the experiences and make some positive change to stop the cycle. If your life seems to be on repeat then evaluate what lessons you are missing and use that to create the new and fruitful future. Meanwhile, if the things around you shows a dramatic change then take this is a sign that you have recently taken significant growth in your life.

  • The Law of Patience and Reward

All the greatest success requires a hard work and patience. If you expect immediate results then you will ultimately be disappointed, your success will be minor in comparison to what you are capable of achieving. If you put in the work as long as the time needed then success will eventually follow. It may take a little longer but you have to believe that with the consistency good reward is waiting for you. And your hard work will pays off for sure. Also, real joy and happiness come during the journey, not when the journey is over.

  • The Law of Significance and Inspiration

When you need a motivational boost then this can be a good law to follow. If you feel yourself useless then this law is a good reminder to feel like you really matter. This law stresses that every contribution affect the world around you no matter how small or big it seems to you. When you make loving and creative contributions around the world, you inspire, you inspire similarly positive thoughts and behavior from others. Later on this will attract more positivity back into your life. Every action you make has great significant impact on world around you. This is quite similar to Great Law. The Great Law focuses on the individual whereas, this law focuses how those action affects the society and world.

You may not always feel significant, but you always are. You have been born in this beautiful world with a specific gift, mission and purpose. Only you can bring that into the world with your uniqueness.

Final Thoughts on Karma

 I am pretty sure these 12 laws can serve you as guidelines or a roadmap for you. Make sure you follow these law in your daily life then you will start to notice some change in your life and start to understand how karma really works.

 Karma is not about doing good and doing bad, it just teaches us that each and every actions we do affects us and changes us and the world around us.

 Whether you hold spiritual beliefs or not, but understanding the law of Karma helps us to see the relationship between actions and the consequences.

 I believe you will follow these law to find more fulfilled, productive and impactful life.a

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