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Natural Immune Boost Against Covid-19 Prevention

7 Jun 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Natural Immune Boost against Covid-19 Prevention:

By Yoga Guru Subodh

“Prevention is better than Cure”. As we know, the world is in almost lockdown. Nobody can win and overcome to Nature. Accountableness of nature is supper. Nature always keeps the account of all. Whenever it is lost or cheated, we will be kidnapped by nature. Every creatures has right to survive in the nature. It has own way of eco-system and own way of life sustain process. They have been struggling to survive in eleventh hour since creation. It is not the strange thing what is now happening in the world.

People are globally facing this current situation and some of them are suffering by corona virus but very fewer people are suffering by covid-19, it means 2 -3 % people are only getting ill from Corona. The question rises here, why less people will be being victimized due to Covid-19? The answer is the natural theory, every viral infections behind the immune system is working that we have naturally, just we need to generate and boost by applying the natural lifestyle.  

In order to empower our entire immune power, we should be close to nature and apply the natural rules and regulations. We have to maintain proper work, rest, sleep, entertain, eating, drinking, exercise, thinking, attitudes, moral values, etc. for revitalizing our defense mechanism within us. Main thing is, either we should work physically hard to break the sweat in farms or do Yogic project regularly as demonstrated here, and then get natural immune capsule form this. Do not wait for vaccine; it is not for you by nature. Your natural vaccine is your yogic lifestyle which will be the perfect healing, but not a medication.  Understand your life, recognize yourself and stay safe with peace, love and light.

Firstly, in order to refresh and recharge our body, mind and spirit, we should utter the mantras, divine vibrations and also to keep the entire atmosphere peace and calm. So we must utter AUM, are the three fundamentals sound of the existence. It represents Birth, Living and Death in life and electron, proton and neutron in atom. It is the yoga for unconditional Joy and love. It is for devotion, dedication, strong belief & faith and also a kind of worship as well.Secondly, some of subtle exercises are practiced for opening the joints and muscles, warming the body, stretching the muscles and ligaments and charging the body. Thirdly, as a cardio-empowerment and full of energized body system, shakti sanchalana kriyas, jogging acts & aerobics, Dynamic exercises are performed.

People are now making the understanding Yoga as Yogaa or Yogasana for physical trainings or physiques and understand Dhyana (meditation) is different science come from other planets. In fact, meditation is the final, the real, the inner, only one ultimate key for Yoga or Samadhi. Other means are preparatory phases of Yogic practice purposed to qualify the practitioners for meditation. To those who are practicing hundreds of Asanas daily, ultimate goal is to be able to sit at any meditation postures for a long time as much as being statues or motionless.

Yoga, a very ancient science appeared with the creation of beings is rhythmic unification bounded naturally. Just our ancients experienced and realized one by one issue, and they threaded and formulated into sacred texts and also in practice for coming generations that today fortunately we study and practice. It was their great contribution and blessings for us. With the change of time, sages and seers researched and condensed their experiences and true knowledge into well- sequence of learning and practicing in different novels, epics, philosophy and small commentaries.

Fourthly,  Asanas are performed as exercise purposes with fast movements and repetitions, and then really for yogic and spiritual merits. Fifthly, some of swasa kriyas (Breath Acts) and also pranayama to generate and revitalize the life force in the body. Pranayama, concentration, meditation work for expansion of life force, purity of body & mind, inner rest and peace, longevity, expansion of consciousness, spiritual exploration, feeling of blissful, and ultimately liberation.

Eventually we can conclude the session by sankalpa (resolve) and chanting AUM and peace mantra wishing to all peace, happiness and harmony. This is the one full yogic project or yogic capsule. But remember this session around one hour is not everything, is something because still we will have rest 23 hours of the day, which we should plan well.

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