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Hatha Yoga means “Power of Body” or “Harmony of Body” or “Discipline of Body”

Major Texts of Hatha Yoga are:
1. Hatha Pradipika By Yogi Swatmaram
2. Goraksha Samhita By Yogi Gorakhanatha
3. Gheranda Samhita By Maharshi Gheranda
4. Hatharatnavali By Srinivasabhatta Mahayogindra

Initially, the discipline of Hatha Yoga —the physical aspect of yoga—was developed as a vehicle for meditation. The repertoire of Hatha yoga prepared the body, and particularly the nervous system, for stillness, creating the necessary physical strength and stamina that allowed the mind to remain calm. The word Hatha also has several translations.

With ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon,” we have the common interpretation of Hatha yoga as “a union of the pairs of opposites.” A more technical translation of Hatha yoga is “force’ or “determined effort.” or “dedicated practice”. Thus hatha yoga, the “yoga of activity,” is the yoga that addresses the body and mind and requires discipline and effort. It is the yoga that we can feel, that we can experience, right here and right now. Hatha yoga is a powerful method of self-transformation.

It is the most practical of the yogas, and sages have recommended its practice in some form for millennia as preparation for all the other yogas in beginning levels to higher levels.

Lineage of Hatha Yoga / Natha Cult:

Aadinatha Shiva                Hiranyagarva                 Jalandhar               Matsyendranath Gorakhanath                   Gherandnath                 Gopi Chandra        Bhartuhari        Swatmaram



Chapter-1:- ASANA:   15                                                                                                                                           1.Swastikasana             2.Gomukhasana           3.Veerasana                             4.Koormasana               5.Kukutasana                6.Uttan-kurmasana              7.Dhanurasana             8.Matsyendrasana       9.Paschimottanasana              10.Mayurasana             11.Savasana                   12.Siddhasana                            13.Padmasana             14.Simhasana              15.Bhadrasana   

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal 2020/2021 & Hatha Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal 2020/2021


Shatakarma (Six cleansing Acts) as a Preparatory Phase of Pranayam:      

*Neti                               *Dhauti                                          *Nauli *Basti                              *Kapalbhati                         *Trataka          

Pranayama: – 8                                                                                                              

1. Suryabhedi                      2.Ujjayi                            3.Seetali                  4.Sheetakari

5.Bhashtrika                        6.Bhramari                     7.Moorchha           8.Plavini

Chapter-3:- BANDHA AND MUDRA: 10

1. Mahamudra                                  2.Mahabandha                           3.Mahabheda                                   4.Khechari                                          5.Udddiyana Bandha                6.Moola Bandha                   7. JalandharaBandha                8.Viparit-karani                  9. Bajroli            10.Shaktichalana                                           

Chapter-4:- NADANUSANDHANA (Stage of Dhyana and Samadhi):    

1. Aarambhavastha (beginninhttps://himalayanyoganepal.com/200hr-yoga-teacher-training-course-nepal/g stage)                   2.Ghatavastha (Vessel stage)

3.Parichayavastha(stage of increase)                     4.Nispattivastha (stage of consummation)

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