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Yoga For School Children

6 May 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



Yoga as a Life science:

Yoga is the rule of running existence. Yoga is as old as life itself. Yoga imparts specific attitude to life, a manner of living as well. Yoga deals how to live with fullest maturity and better manner. It expedites the natural process of evolution in all aspects of life and of consciousness as well.

Yoga as knowledge:  

The ultimate purpose of Yoga is to gain right knowledge throughout the yogic ways of teachings. Yoga has been initiated as very specific educational functions purpose to achieve a higher state of consciousness on the evolutionary scale of personal fullness.

Yoga Educated One:

The yoga educated one has the true sense, integrity, healthier lifestyle, happier living who lives a balanced and harmonious state of body, mind and soul. A healthy and happy person is a person whose karmas, thoughts, behaviors, values and norms can determine the higher consciousness. The problems of life like misunderstanding, life disorders, materialistic values, dissatisfaction, desires & ambitions, unrest body & mind cause the pain, suffering   and much more troubles in life. So Yoga removes the root of the problems.

Yoga Application:

  1. Yoga Hygiene – self-reliance e.g. Tattva Shuddhi – Purity of five elements; Trust in Nature; Living in harmony; personal cleansing – jala Neti, Kapalbhati, Agnisaara, Yama and Niyama, etc.
  2. Sitting or Meditation Postures: Sukhasana, Dhyana-viraasana, Vajrasana, Bhadrasana,
  3. Namaste Pranayama, Clapping;  AUM Chants; Mantra Chants – e.g. Sarasvati Mantra –
  4. Warm up Kriyas – -Baby Rock, -Butter fly, Shakti sanchalana, Squat-Rise, Pulling Rope, Pair-Acts, Pair-Boat posture
  5. Standing Position – Tadaasana, Lord Krishna pose, Dhrubasana, Lord Shiva Pose, Garudaasana
  6. Sitting Position – Mandukaasana, Balasana, Marjarisana, Vyagrasana, Simhasana, Yoga Mudra in sitting circle position.  
  7. Supine Position: Gudasana, Jhulasana, Druta Halasana, Sarvangasana, Happy Baby, Baby Play, Chakrasana in Walking
  8. Prone Position: Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana,  Dhanurasana, Parvatasana  in pair with crawling,  
  9. Pranayama: Shitali Pranayama, Nadishodana Pranayama, Bharamari Pranayam
  10. Yoga nidra – attitude training, links the five senses with sixth sense, the mind.
  11. Sangita (Music) Dhyana: Music Meditation, Imagining Meditation, Mantra Meditation,

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