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What is Realization ?

9 Mar 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


“It is called realization when a dam in the form of practice is constructed of cement concrete in the form of renunciation or asceticism and bricks in the form of patience over the water of the mind-river to fix the water of that river. This is a proven experience.

The practitioner experience realization at the highest point of meditation. In such a state, the actions of the body, senses, mind, and intelligence are motionless. The practitioner rises above the state of wakefulness. In such a situation as this, the soul of the practitioner is fully conscious and active. He knows that the entire creation is full of God. Egoism, attachment, etc. are ended and he will experience complete personality and full peace, which is an experience above intelligence. As words are not adequate to describe this state, it is called an indescribable stage. In a state like this, an individual will vanish into eternity. This perfect knowledge is the highest attainment of Yoga.

Therefore, it is such a state when the practitioner experiences God.

Realization in Yoga Literature :

In Yoga literature, it has been called by different names. Some of them are the state of supreme consciousness, the free state, the highest spiritual state, salvation, God`s bliss, the attainment of God,etc. In the same way, nirvana, spiritual realization, seeing God, experience of God, experience of the soul, royal yoga, the highest achievement, the attainment of  truth, Boddhisatva , the spiritual stage, the divine stage, supreme peace, are all synonyms to realization.  If we analyze all the names mentioned above, we find the state of pure consciousness ingrained in them, form which a man can get the great qualities like truth, non-violence, celibacy, non-stealing, peace, love, kindness, patience, freedom, joy, and universal brotherhood, because realization is the main source of the above mentioned qualities and ideas. An individual, who has achieved such a pure state, is great and worthy of praise. I bow down to God.

During realization, an individual enters into his eternal or immortal form, where the boundaries of the body and the mind end. Materialism remains far behind. It must be kept in mind that when a yogi comes back to this sensual world, he will begin to lead a high life, because from now on he is self-guided. Repeated practices of realization will transform his body, mind, and thoughts. He is not inactive, but begins to guide his mind, body, and intelligence with a high deal. He is filled with  courage. Due to repeated practices, he continues his deeds, meals, social service, study, etc or remains active on both physical and mental levels is but is fully in the state of realization. It is only a partial exercise of realization to be active in internal aspects but inactive in external aspects, whereas it is perfect practice of realization not to ruin one`s condition even by remaining active in both aspects. Therefore, the relation of realization is with the behavior of the individual and through his pure and  meditative behavior of the individual and through his pure and meditative behavior we know the stage of his realization. This is possible when there is repeated practice of  behavior during realization. This is also known as the practice of sacred words. After that he will not be self-guided, but character- guided. During the time in which the state mentioned above is not perfect, the individual lives guided by fear and attachment, these states being a cause of suffering and fear.

OM Shantih! Shantih! Shantih!

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