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Usha Paan / Dawn Driniking Water

16 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Usha Paan

Usha means dawn, Paan means drink. When we talk about our biological rule, people should drink water early in morning. In early days, people used to drink water early in the morning through their nose/ mouth to keep their mind cool and eyes sharp. But now in modern era, tea is drunk first instead of water, that may cause lots of disorders.

Nature Science and also Ayurveda recommends waking up in Brahma Muhurta, which is around 2-3 hours before sunrise. Usha means dawn, which is nearly just before sunrise. So, there is around 60 minutes gap between the time of Brahma Muhurta and Dawn. So, Usha Paan should be done then.

Drinking water in the morning can prevent and help to manage abdominal disorders including constipation, malabsorption and piles. It also helps with urinary disorders and blood disorders. It is also beneficial in diseases of upper parts of the body including head, nose, ear and throat. It is highly useful in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

Technique :

Put drinking water in mud pot if available, if not, in copper pot overnights in side of the beds. You can already add some tulsi leaves, or beal leaves  or rudraksh seed or Tripala to water. Drink this water next morning before sunrise or just after wake up.

After waking up, sit in Bajrasana, exhale few times through mouth and drink water on the bed and get down from the bed, walk few minutes freely, then can go to Toilet.

After morning cleansing acts, again drink lemon water or Tulsi tea or Mint Tea and can start the morning yoga session but not only the yogasana or exercise.

Take drinking water in a glass of water. Below the nose and clean the nasal passage. Keep the aim of the glass under your nostril and inhale very slowly and gently till you feel the water in the throat. It should be done under obeservation or after training. Now, you have to just go on drinking the water in the usual way. Drink it daily.

Precaution :  Don’t inhale Forcefully.

Benefits of Usha Paan :

Drinking water in the morning prevents and cures almost all diseases. Especially, it is helpful in piles, abdominal disorders, Grahani disease (irritable bowel syndrome), fever, obesity, diseases of organs located in the upper part of the body (above the neck). It helps in diseases of the ear. It improves longevity. It is also useful in urinary disorders and blood disorders. Some other benefits of Usha Paan are :

  1. Removes worms from stomach of tulsi leaves are added to the water.
  2. It prifies the blood and keeps the skin healthy and beauty.
  3. Lowers blood pressure if Rudraksh is added to the water.
  4. It removes the acidity and Gastrities by use of triphala.
  5. For diabetes use bael leaves in the water.
  6. If Agnisar and Udarakarshanasana are performed after the Usha Paan, the bowels become clear.
  7. It protects from so many diseases.

Note :

  1. Don’t drink Usha Paan water in hiccup , wound and pneumonia.
  2. Don’t take the water just after drinking castor oil. Increase the quantity of water gradually.

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