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5 Nov 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. This meditation technique involves starting at a single point of focus. This is typically the flame of a candle, but other objects that may be used include a dot on the wall, an object of worship, a deity, flower, mountain, rising sun or moon. However, a flame is believed to work best. In ancient Hindu tradition, Ghandhari is believed to have mastered tratak. In recent era Ramana Maharshi had practiced it.

Tratak Steps

Normally, the most of yogi’s will follow a process similar to this one:

  1. Light a candle and sit at least one meter away from it with the flame at eye level.
  2. Focus the gaze on the flame and keep it there without blinking for as long as possible.
  3. As thoughts arise, acknowledge them then return to focus on the flame.
  4. When the eyes start to water and tears flow, close the eyes and focus on the after-glow of the flame, bringing awareness to the third eye point.
  5. Meditate here until ready to come out of the practice.

Benefits of Tratak:

  • Strengthens eye muscles
  • Purifies the eyes
  • Treats eye disorders
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Aids in treating depression
  • Improves concentration
  • Calms the mind
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Boosts willpower
  • Develops intuition and clairvoyance

For the people having weak eyesight and wear eye-glasses can gaze at the dot of the wall for fifteen day or a month by which eyes vision can be restored in better level. Even the double vision due to detachment of the retina can be healed too much extent by the proper practice of the tratak in the flame of the lamp.

Doing a Candle Trataka:

 Ensure the room is at a normal temperature or a temperature you are comfortable at. Now it’s time to light a candle. Sit at a distance of some 50 cm from the candle. The position of the candle should be at eye-level. Do not fall forward while gazing at the candle or do not slump. Remember, you have to be comfortable when looking at the candle flame. You can sit in a chair. Or you can choose to sit cross-legged, in front of the candle, whichever is convenient to you.

Start gazing at the flame. When you do so, the image of the candle should fill your mind. Initially, you may find it hard to concentrate, and your eyes might turn watery. But keep your gaze fixed till you achieve a state of calm. As you stare at the candle, breathe in and breathe out. As you keep at it, you slowly find yourself getting into a state of concentration and peace.

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