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18 Oct 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



Life is the choice of moment between birth and death. It is the long transit of journey. Body always fulfills the need of life to keep the existence but can’t digest desires and expectations. Then it produces toxins that make the toxic effects in both body and mind. We love to eat good foods, as fancy as its preparation may look and as delicious as they may be.   

They get digested once they enter in our system and the body needs to absorb the nutrients and to throw the unwanted waste products out in a day failing which can cause illness. This is nothing in the world that can quench our things more and make us feel more refreshed than water. Yet if the body doesn’t throw that water out in a couple of hours that retained water can be the cause of illness. I once saw a very elderly yoga teacher teaches her yoga students breathing techniques. She asked them to breathe in and hold their breath. But elderly as she was, she happened to fall asleep. The students who respect her a lot were unable to hold their breaths any longer  but didn’t even want to disobey her, finally as they were  gasping one of them walked up to her  and woke her up. As she got up, she said and now breathe out. As funny as this may should the air we breathe in can be held for no more than a few minutes and it is not thrown out we may die.

Isn’t this principle true for our negative emotions as well? Emotional hurt, envies, greed, jealousy, feelings of hatred, revenge, and anger can make our mind toxic, yet we continue to hold them in our systems only leading to so many psychological and consequently physical disorders. The body has a system to remove unwanted food, water or air without us even being aware of it. How we wish there were an automatic arrangement that could throw negative feelings and emotions out as well. But that is not how it works with the mind we have to consciously work on purging these toxic emotions out of our inner systems.

And here are some ways to get these feelings out.

  1. Clap with chants.
  2. Laugh freely and openly.
  3. Write your feelings on a paper, then tear and burn it.
  4. Cry and express emotionally by jumping.
  5. Chop all the stressors and enemies dynamically in half standing or standing position.
  6. Open your heart and confide into someone close and trustworthy, sharing our feelings.
  7. Fulfill natural intrinsic needs and urges.
  8. Adopting the spiritual practice.


These ways can help us lighten the heaviness, relieve the stress, cleanse our consciousness and give us the inner strength to fight tendencies. It allows us to express ourselves and release the negative energy. We may also recieve support and guidance to deal with our negativiies. Always remember that it is not the glass of water which is only a couple of grams in weight that hurts our mind, it is the duration for which we hold it. The quicker we keep it down the better it is for us.

Om Shantih! Shantih !! Shantih!!!

Hari Om Tat Sat!!!

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