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Seated Meditation

28 Dec 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Seated Meditation

Begin your yoga journey with seated meditation, which will help ease you into a meditative state before practising the postures in this book.Finding a restful, meditative state is as easy as following a few steps – with a goal being to gradually lengthen the spaces between thoughts.

How to meditate

Meditation is a simple process, but the benefits is immeasurable. Before you begin, try to find a peaceful, quiet location that’s free of any distractions.

1.Sit in a comfortbale seated position.Place your hands on your tighs or knees, straighten your back, and extend the crown of your head upwards.

2.Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a peaceful place. Focus on the seansations you might feel -such as a light breeze on your face or sound of running water as if you were there.

3.Imagine your body being surrounded by a warm , radiant white light.

4.Inhale slow, steady breaths through your nose and imagine yourself breathing in the light.

5.Allow your body and mind to relax as you exhale slowly through your nose.Remain in this position for as long as desired.

Also Learn about Chair-sitting meditation as Seated Meditation

ou can easily meditate while sitting in a chair, making this the perfect practice for midday rejuvenation while at work. You can meditate at work or while traveling.

To get in the right position to meditate, sit in your chair with a straight back and with your feet flat on the floor. They should form a 90-degree angle with your knees. You may need to scoot to the edge of the chair.

Sit up straight, so that your head and neck are in line with your spine. You may place a pillow behind your lower back or under your hips for added support.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your hands, you can rest them on your knees or place them in your lap.

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