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PARVATASANA (Mountain pose)

23 Oct 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


The Mountain Pose or Parvatasana helps create awareness of your muscles and balance and increases strength and flexibility in the feet, legs, and hips. Because this pose is very basic and seems easy does not make it less important, this pose is just as important as other poses and good to increase body/muscle awareness. The Mountain Pose can be done by:

Steps for Doing PARVATASANA (Mountain pose)

Keep the hands ad right for still ad take the left foot back beside the right foot. Simultaneously, raise the buttocks and lower the head between the arms so that the back and legs form two sides of a triangle.

The legs and arms straighten in the final position and the heels come down towards the floor in the final pose.

Bring the head and shoulders towards the knees. Do not strain.


Exhale while taking the left leg back.


Physical-on the stretch through the Achilles’ tendons, the back of the legs, shoulders and throat region, and on relaxing the hips.

Spiritual-on Vishuddhi chakra

Benefits of PARVATASANA (Mountain pose) :

  1. This pose strengthens the nerves and muscles in the limbs and back.
  2. It helps to increase height by stretching muscles and ligaments, enabling growing bones to grow longer. Circulation is stimulated, especially in the upper spine between the shoulder blades.
  3. The yoga asana sets perfect coordination and balance between the upper and lower body taking the human frame to a perfect equilibrium naturally.
  4. Parvatasana encourages the human body to attain more flexibility in the body by loosening the firm muscles and tensions form  the body strengthening the arms, shoulders, and hamstring. Also the rich blood is directed to the mind while practicing parvatasana.
  5. Practicing parvatasana in daily basis helps you to experience the health benefits of yoga asanas. Balance your body energy and mind by adding the benefits of yoga in your lifestyle to obtain ultimate bliss of health and hygiene.

Beginners tip:

If you are beginners then it is possible to have less flexibility and due to firm hamstring, your heels might not touch the ground. In such case, simply bent the knees a little. Bend your shoulder a bit down and try to correct your spine. You will find that when you do this automatically your spine will go up correctly and will help you in achieving the required flexibility by regular practice.

Before practicing Parvatasana, strengthen your wrist to stay in the posture for long.

Mantra: Om Khagaya Namaha, salutations to he who moves quickly in the sky.

Contra indications:

  • Shoulder injury
  • Insomnia
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Headache

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