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Moon Trataka (Moon Gazing)

12 Nov 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Overview: Moon Gazing

The object you gaze upon can be just about anything: A candle flame, a campfire or a picture of your grandma. In this meditation, you are moon gazing.

So Why, Stilling the eyes is not the only way to achieve stillness of mind, but it is a powerful way, and the feedback is much quicker. Schools of Yoga, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism have developed open-eye meditation techniques based on this principle.

The moon itself is a powerful meditation object because of its influence on subtle psychic energy and dream functions. People who are very sensitive tend to be quick to notice this.

You can practice this technique as a full moon meditation or nightly, whenever the moon is available. You can also snap a picture of the moon so that you have something to gaze upon when the moon is unavailable. If gazing at the photo, you can darken the room just enough so that your focus is entirely on the photo.

There’s something about the changing cycles of the moon that makes this moon gazing practice special. They remind the psyche about the cycles of life. Ultimately, all experiences of phenomena can be broken down into vibrations and cycles. All matter is ultimately a collection of tiny vibrations of light.

The benefits of Moon Trataka :

  • 1. Relief from insomnia
  • 2. Remarkable concentration abilities
  • 3. Correction of eye problems such as myopia, farsightedness, and the early stages of cataracts (I haven’t verified this, but it’s a common claim)
  • 4. Development of the third eye and intuitive abilities
  • 5. Deep relaxation and many of the other benefits you receive from meditation

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