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How to Start a Meditation Practice

18 Aug 2023 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

How to Start a Meditation Practice

There are many benefits of yoga to leading a healthy life. Meditation is a tool to quieten your mind. The true goal of Meditation is to understand the silence inside of your mind. To find oneself (Who am I ) inside the emptiness inside of your consciousness. Meditation has many benefits, but you can get them only if you do it properly.

Know what the right way to meditate is. Meditation is not an easy practice, and every individual carries the monkey mind and hence has a problem that they are not able to keep their concentration or focus on one point while meditating. In fact, there is a way to meditate as well.

Himalayan Yoga Academy has summarized 5 simple tips on how to start a Meditation Practice. Let’s Dive into the blog:

1-Finding a Right Place

While practicing meditation, the first and very important step is choosing the place of meditation. It is very important to have a clean place and a relaxed atmosphere to meditate. You need to find a peaceful place. The place of meditation should neither be too high nor rough and It should be a place where one can sit comfortably and meditate, it can be a tea house, even if it can be your balcony or the roof of your house. Therefore, the good time to meditate is also said to be either early morning or night because the atmosphere is calm at both times.

2-Choosing Comfortable Clothes

While meditating, we should wear loose-fitting clothes, wearing very tight clothes cannot be meditated on for long, we do not feel comfortable, and our attention wanders, so clothes should always be loose-fitting. Moreover, it makes stretching easier and one can practice with ease while performing the asanas with proficiency.

3-Sitting in the Best Position

Many people around the world think that meditation should always be done in a particular posture. But the truth is one can get to the point of deep meditation in any posture, there are not any special postures mentioned. As the goal of yoga asana is to conquer an asana so that you can sit in one posture for a longer duration. But if you want to really meditate you can even sit in a chair or can do it lying down on the floor as well meditation can happen at any time at any moment at any time……

We should keep the fingers of both our hands together, there should not be any kind of stiffness in the body, and the body should be kept light and loose. To meditate, special care must be taken of things like our head, neck, and waist should be straight.

You can choose any corner of your house to meditate, keep in mind that always meditate in a closed space, and initially avoid meditating in an open place.

4-Empty Your Thoughts

The most important step is to empty your mind from unnecessary thoughts and emotions. If there is something going into your mind, bring it to a state to quit and pay attention to only one point. Many times, in Meditation, a person is present physically while meditating but somewhere else mentally. While meditating you should forget all your troubles and focus on God. You cannot meditate while under stress.

5-Control on Breath

First, know about breathing as breathing is the only medium through which we are connected to the cosmos. The final goal of meditation is the realization of the supreme cosmos or soul. Inhalation and exhalation are closely related to meditation. Meditation happens in the right way only when deep and long breaths are taken and exhaled comfortably. If the breathing is fast, then it means that you are not doing meditation properly. The speed of breath should be slow during meditation.

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