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Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal

5 Sep 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

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There are 6 seasons in Nepal.Nepal consists of diverse nature So, there is always something to see in any seasons of Nepal So we are talking about the Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal.

Autumn Season

Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal
Autumn Season in Nepal

Nepal has four main seasons which is mostly centred on summer monsoon. Majority of tourists in Nepal prioritize mountain visibility so, it is recommended for the travelers to visit Nepal in the autumn peak season which falls on the late September to late November. This is the period when the climatic condition is clear and dry and neither hot in the Terai and nor too cold in the high hills in Nepal. Another most important point is that this is the period when dust and pollution’s are washed away by the monsoon rains making the mountains visible. And this is the same reason why it is the best time for trekking which Nepal is quite famous for all over the world.

Two main festivals in Nepal Dashain and Tihar also fall during this period. The main thing that can put anyone at the disadvantage during this period is that this is season in which Nepal receives most visitors. So, do expect some crowd and high price wherever you visit.

Winter Season

Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal
Winter Season in Nepal

Winter season falls in Nepal during the period of December to January. The capital Kathmandu never receives snow but mornings in Kathmandu can be quite chlly. Cold can be fierce in the trekking regions and expect some lodges to be closed for the same reason. Whereas winter is the perfect time to visit the Terai region. During Winter season, you can visit the Chitwan National Park, best for wildlife safari or visit Pokhara, tourism capital of Nepal.

Spring Season

Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal
Winter Season in Nepal

Spring season falls in Nepal during the period of February to mid-April. This is the second tourist season after Autumn in Nepal. The days are longer and warmer, Rhododendrons which is the national flower of Nepal bloom in the hills during the end of the Spring in Nepal. This is the perfect time to visit Terai for viewing wildlife since the long grasses are cut during this period.

Monsoon Season

Best Seasons to Trek in Nepal
Monsoon Season in Nepal

During mid-April to early June is period of pre-monsoon in Nepal which is quite known for the afternoon clouds, stifling heat and rain showers. This is the period of unrest and illness and if you are planning to visit Nepal during this period then do take care of your health.

On the other hand during the monsoon that falls from the mid-June to last weeks of September, it is the fascinating time to visit Nepal. Nepalese welcome monsoon since it brings rain which makes fields come alive with green shoots and rushing waters. This is the point when the air is clean, flowers bloom, fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant. The downside is the roads and paths of trekking routes may be blocked due to the heavy rainfall and landslides.

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