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5 Best Places for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

28 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Destinations for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Just 32km from Kathmandu, the village is packed with hotels lining a ridge, affording one of the broadest possible views of the Himalayas, with eight ranges visible (Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, Everest and Number ). So Nepal has a lot of places for yoga teacher training Nepal opportunities to explore and also to enhance your yoga skills. We highly focus on updating our yoga knowledge in a pure environment of yoga. Our yoga teacher trainers in Nepal also provide yoga knowledge in various destinations.

It’s time to finish your search and finally get engaged in the practice of Yoga. Get this wholesome experience, and give a boost to your personal and professional growth. The 200-hour yoga teacher training is an opportunistic program that shapes you skillfully to become an established yoga teacher. If you are willing to take your yoga practice to a higher level, then it’s important to find the best destination where all the original teachings are being distributed.

Here are 5 places that are perfectly good to complete your yoga teacher training in Nepal :

1. Kathmandu :

Kathmandu Valley, a city seated in the lap of the Great Himalayas, is considered the abode of the Gods. Doused in stories of divinity and godly power, the valley maintains its spiritual status with the hundreds of thousands of temples it houses. Often called the playground of the gods, the valley’s mystical element was even featured in Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

Deeply rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tantrism, Kathmandu valley flaunts many religious and powerful places. Also, Kathmandu valley is covered by an evergreen forest of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Hence while you may enjoy both the natural activity as well as the city tours you wanna with learning traditional yogic knowledge during your yoga teacher training in Nepal. It can be considered one of the best places for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

2. Pokhara ( Fewa Lake Side ) :

Phewa Lake is the focal point of all tourist activities, often the hub where people start their Pokhara tours from. This over-visited-always-crowded area is a beauty in itself. With the beautiful backdrop of the snow-white Machhapuchhre (fishtail) mountain, the stark greenery on the other side of the lake, and colorful boats dispersed all around, it’s a view worth all the hassle.  The skies are clear and blue; the air is fresh, although the surrounding has been quite polluted with the increase of tourists in recent years. The lake has a Vishnu temple situated right in the center of the 5km stretch, which is filled with local people on Saturdays.

On a clear morning, you can see the mirror image of the Machhepuchhre (fishtail) mountain on the lake, which is a breathtaking sight. Boat rides take you to the Tal Barahi temple in the center or simply show you around the lake whichever option you choose. Personally, a boat ride in Phewa Tal while in Pokhara is a must, it’s a completely different experience as you paddle in this beauty with the mountains surrounding you in every direction possible. Locals are more than happy to help you with their boats in case you can’t find one. The market stretched on the entrance of Phewa Tal is popularly known as the lakeside and is the perfect destination for shopping, eating, hanging out or just following the peaceful trail.

    3. Pokhara ( Begnas Lake Side ) :

Begnas Lake is a freshwater lake in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolis of the Kaski district of Nepal located in the southeast of the Pokhara Valley. It is a quiet freshwater lake in the Kaski district of Nepal that changes color depending on the season. it is the second largest of the eight lakes in Pokhara valley with a maximum depth of 10 meters.

The Begaskot (Mountain View Point) is located 2 km away from this property while the Begnas Market is 3 km away. The Pokhara Airport and Pokhara city are located 12 km away. You can do  Boating, fishing, and swimming are some of the activities you can indulge in, the bonus being surrounding green mountains. The nature of the Begnas Lake area is so refreshing that it will rejuvenate you in several ways. You can do your yoga teacher training feeling refreshed.

4. Bhaktapur  :

Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar city located in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, approximately 13 km (8 miles) from the Kathmandu Valley. Also known as an open museum, it is home to some of the best preserved historical monuments including palaces, courtyards, temples, pagodas, monuments, craftwork, hand-crafted peacock windows, etc, reflecting mostly Hinduism. It has two of the seven monument zones within the Kathmandu Valley listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Here, in Bhaktapur, you will find a lot of places to do yoga classes. Bhaktapur is more a city than nature. But if you go side of Bhaktapur city. Then you may enjoy the forest and the view as well.

5. Nagarkot :

Just 32km from Kathmandu, the village is packed with hotels lining a ridge, affording one of the broadest possible views of the Himalayas, with eight ranges visible (Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, Everest and Number ). 

For adventure seekers, it’s an excellent opportunity for hiking and nature walks as Nagarkot provides the broadest views of eight Himalayan ranges. Nagarkot is also very popular for relaxing your mind and soul throughout the year. Nagarkot become quite popular for relaxing the mind and soul throughout the year.

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