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Using online PSYCHOLOGICAL AND YOGIC COUNSELING during the COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health crisis of global scale. Since early 2020, it has put tremendous strain on healthcare systems, disrupted economies, and halted large parts of social life in many countries around the world. In a race against the fast spreading virus and rapidly increasing patient numbers seems like swine flu.

It goes without saying that the current corona virus pandemic is unprecedented and is impacting on society and the world in lots of different ways. Everything from our health services, to our supermarkets, to the way we live our lives every day, has been affected. On top of this, with social distancing and self-isolation measures in place, it’s not surprising that it’s having an effect on many people’s mental and emotional health.

That’s why now, more than ever, being able to access online mental and physical health counseling is so important. Also, the fact that lots of people are now unwilling or unable to access face-to-face counseling, due to their health and ongoing Government restrictions, means that online support is currently the preferred route for many.

The ‘new normal’ of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced clinical psychologists to adapt their practice. There is a wealth of evidence for the power and potential of this medium in delivering therapies for mental and physical health problems. However, there is still a need for more research to understand how best to implement remote delivery of therapy, and maximize engagement and effectiveness.

Our focus:

What is the corona virus?

What is COVID-19?

Symptoms of the Corona virus

COVID-19, Transmission Mode

How to keep healthy while in isolation or quarantine (COVID-19)

What you should know

Prepare home-cooked meals

Treatment and Healing of Covid-19

COVID-19, protective measures

What is the recovery time for the corona virus disease?

Does heat kill the corona virus?

Does drinking lots of water help flush out COVID-19?

The state of the world today, though, presents personal health practitioners with extra challenges. We need not only to conduct online therapy, but to do so taking into consideration the context and consequences of the ongoing pandemic.

Accessing online counseling during the COVID-19 outbreak

Try and find a quiet space

If you’re accessing online counseling from home, it’s important to try and find a quiet space for this and somewhere where you’re least likely to be disturbed. However, for many people, we know that’s easier said than done. You may have children off school, or may live in a shared house or flat, which can make finding a quiet space tricky.

Treat online counseling like a real face-to-face session

Speaking to a therapist online can feel strange, at least at first. However, by treating your online therapy sessions like usual, face-to-face appointments, this can help you to adjust quicker and really get in the swing of things.

Use your time online constructively

As well as accessing online therapy, there are other ways we can use the internet constructively during this time, to help with our wellbeing.

Support for expats during the COVID-19 outbreak

For expats, this may be a particularly challenging time, as they may be used to frequently travelling back to their country of origin to visit lived ones, which is not possible during a 'lockdown'.

Our online Counseling on COVID-19 offers:

-Counseling sessions with one of our expert Master in the comfort of your own home
-The flexibility of being able to receive specialist counseling and practice tips as well without having to travel to one of our sites – all you need is an internet connection.
-This is helpful if you’re self-isolating
- While staying in Quarantine or Isolation, this types of spiritual counseling, healing, practice is very useful to refresh and empower the mental power, then boost the natural immune which we have by birth.

Morning, Day and evening session and also weekend sessions available

Time and Shift: Alternate Days
Morning Shift: 9:00 to 10:00
Day Shift: 13:00 to 14:00
Evening Shift: 20:00 to 21:00

Cost: 20 usd per session; intake of minimum 3 sessions more as you need.