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3 Jan 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Verse :

Adhyaasya shete hridayam nidhaaya , bhoomau cha paadau  prasaaryamaanau;
Shrashcha dhritvaa karadandayugme, dehaagnikaaram makaraasanam tat. !!2.40!!

Lie with the chest on the ground and the legs spread out and hold the head in the arms. This asana, which activates fire of the body, is called Makaraasana.

Introduction of Makaraasana :

Makaraasana (मकरासन, “makara posture”) is a Sanskrit word referring to a type of posture (Aasana) used in Yoga. The name comes from the Sanskrit मकर makara meaning “crocodile” and आसन  Aasana meaning “posture” or “seat”. Makaraasana is described in the 17th-century Gheraṇḍa Saṁhitā (Chapter 2, Verse 40). Makaraasana (मकरासन) is one of the thirty-two Aasanas (postures) taught in the second chapter of the Gheraṇḍasaṃhitaa: “Lie prone, the chest touching the ground and the two legs stretched out. Hold the head with the two arms. This is Makaraasana that increases the heat of the body”.

Makaraasana is one of the selected 32 postures amongst 8,400,000 total mentioned by Shiva, according to Gheraṇḍasaṃhitaa 2.1-2, “In all, there are as many Aasanas as species of animals. Eighty-four lacs of them are mentioned by Shiva. Out of them, 84 are regarded as important and among these 84, again 32 are good (enough) in this world of mortal beings”.

To perform this asana, the yogi lies face down with the hands folded under the head. The palms can be placed under the chin, on the shoulders, or flat on the ground. The legs stretch out as far as possible, with the toes pointing forward. The whole body should stay relaxed.

There are many variations of Makaraasana and steps in order to perform Makaraasana that has been pinpointed below:

Variation 1

Lie flat on the ground on the stomach.
Raise the head and both the shoulders.
Fold the arms in the front, place the right arm above the left arm, keeping the elbows pointing.
Keep the left palm down on the ground and the right palm on the left arm, the fingers touching the inside of the elbow.
Put the head down on the center point, where the right wrist is above the left wrist
Closes both the eyes and relax the whole mind and body
After a few moments, come back to the material world and become aware of the reality. Slowly release the posture.

Variation 2

Lie flat on the ground on the stomach, big toes and heels touching each other
Raise the head and both the shoulders. Place both the elbows on the ground keeping them shoulder width apart. Hold the chin in the palms to support the face.
For being in coordination with the spine, keep both the elbows close
In case, one experiences much pressure and stress on the neck, the elbows may be separated slightly.
Close both the eyes and relax the whole mind and body. Feel both inhalation and exhalation deeply and get completely within yourself.
After a few moments, come back to the material world and become aware of the reality. Slowly release the posture.

Anatomical Focus

The main anatomical focus of this pose is upon the spines, legs, forearms, forehead and belly. It puts pressure upon the belly as the person practicing this pose need to lie down on his stomach

Therapeutic Application

Makaraasana tends to possess therapeutic applications such as making use of the pose in order to get rid of fatigue, constipation, indigestion as well as low back pain. It also tends to control blood pressure as well as hypertension. It is very common asanas to recover different ailments and align the body.

Benefits of Makaraasana (Crocodile Pose)

Following are the health benefits of Makarasana which one may experience gradually with regular practice:

  1. Balances the functioning of abdominal organs
  2. Improves the blood circulation in the body
  3. Helpful in getting rid of stress, anxiety, depression, tension and fatigue
  4. Quite helpful for people suffering from in cervical spondylitis, slipped disc, sciatica or other back ailments.
  5. Beneficial in all spine related problems.
  6. Highly beneficial for people suffering from asthma or other lung disorders as this asana elevates the breathing and helps in respiring easily. Very useful in Asthama, knee pain, and other lungs related problems.
  7. Stay healthy stay strong and get the best out of life.
  8. Stretches the muscles of legs and hips
  9. This pose is best for relaxing after doing other Asana.


Makaraasana is very useful and effective Aasana which is for all level of practitioners. After and before travelling, walking, working and also driving long time, it prepares and gives instant relief. It is affordable for all. It is the bed exercise. It is the best pose for low back pain and cervical spondylitis as well.If you wanna learn new poses, then feel free to contact Swami Yog Subodh.

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