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Yoga Nidra for Children

28 Jun 2022 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Nidra for Children

Yoga Nidra can practice even by small children, taking into account their nature and special requirements. For children between 8 and 14 years, it is difficult to remain still in one spot for even 10 minutes. Also, they feel totally relaxed far more quickly and deeply than adults. Therefore, practice sessions of 10 or 15 minutes are sufficient. It has many benefits for the children.

Rotation of consciousness through the body parts is most effective, and the interests of younger children can be renewed by various fantasies which stimulate the imagination. For example- imagine a butterfly landing here and there, visualize light thatch turning on at each body part, and explore the body as if it were an island. The possibilities are only minted by the instructor`s imagination.

Simple, short visualization sequences are also an important part of Yoga Nidra for children, whereas in adults this practice is forestalled until the art of simple, physical, and mental relaxation has been acquired by more preliminary practices. In general, children are far less tense and preoccupied than adults. They are more open and receptive to the experience of Yoga Nidra

Advice for instructors:

  • Adapt the practices according to the particular age and understanding of the child or children.
  • If you are conducting group sessions it is best when six or seven children combine from the same age group.
  • Whenever it is possible, use a room that is spacious and airy and which has a fine vibration. Try to use the same room for all practices.
  • Follow each session of Yoga Nidra for Children with a short discussion, and perhaps with drawing, coloring or acting out what was experienced during the practice. Allow each child to volunteer his experiences. Those who are shy should also be encouraged to talk about what they saw and experienced and make sure no child is confused, lost, or unhappy.

Preparation For Yoga Nidra for Children :

Yoga Nidra can be practiced in any position, but for long sessions, it is best to lie flat on the back. Make sure that the head, neck, and shoulders are in a straight line; hands are at the sides palms up; legs are straight, and feet are placed a little apart. Start with step-by-step tensing and relaxing of the body parts, beginning with feet and legs and concluding with facial muscles. The child should then relax completely in the Savasana and follow the instructions for rotation of consciousness throughout the body.

Rotation of consciousness:

Relax your whole body. Breathe out all your tensions and weariness. Feel that you are becoming very heavy. Become aware of the parts of the body which I am naming, but do not move them. Just feel the parts and follow my voice. You must not sleep.

Become aware of the right hand. The right-hand thumb, second finger, third, fourth, little finger, whole right hand, hip, whole right leg, right foot, the toes, one, two, three, four, five, all five toes together.

Feel the two feet together, the two legs together, the buttocks, stomach, chest, back, the two shoulders blades, the two arms, the neck, head, scalp, forehead, eyes, right ear, left ear, nose, right cheek, left cheek, mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, chin, the whole face, the whole head, the whole neck, the whole back, the four limbs.

Always feel the touch or contact between the body and the floor. Be aware of the back of your head where it touches the floor, back of your shoulders, back of your arms, buttocks, calf muscles, and heels.

Breathe awareness:

Feel that you are breathing in a lovely, transparent bubble. Every time you breathe in, the beautiful bubble expands; every time you breathe out, the beautiful bubble contracts.

Now, count the number of breaths backward from 10 to 0.

Be careful not to lose count or miss a breath.

The energy can alternatively be imagined passing in and out of the navel or in and out the left nostril, then the right nostril.

Inner love visualization:

Relax your body and become aware of your heart, right in the middle of your chest. Make sure your mouth remains closed and imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart, right in the middle of your chest. Make sure your mouth remains closed and imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart. You should breathe deeply and be completely aware of each incoming and outgoing breath.

Imagine the air you are breathing is a golden color-like mist and you are taking this golden mist into your body through the heart and spreading it about inside.

Fill your body with this golden mist. Feel that every time you breathe in you are cleaning out your whole body with the mist and it is giving you many good qualities. It gives you all forms of goodness, love, honesty, cooperation, understanding, peace, and happiness. As you breathe out, pass out from your body; unhappiness, disobedience, anger, meanness, cruelty, dislikes… all these things are carried away by golden mist. Become aware of your heartbeat. Listen to the small and rhythmic sound of your heart. Imagine that in your heart the golden mist has formed into a very small golden egg, The golden egg breaks open, and there in your heart, sitting on a beautiful flower, is a tiny little being, the size of your thumb. This little being is still and silent and looking at you and sending you to love and happiness. Let yourself be filled by its love.

Then Imagine, that beautiful little being is sending you so much love, and the more it gives, the brighter its light becomes. It is giving you so much love that you cannot keep it all in, you must send it all out to all other people. Think of your parents and your brothers and sisters and send this love out to them. Think of all the sick, unhappy, and lonely people you do not like, and send out your love to them. Recall your friends and send them this love. The more love you send out the more the little beings in your heart fill you with love. Now become aware of the room in which you are sitting. Fill this room with the love that is within you.


Now bring your attention back to your body which is lying on the floor in Savasana, the dead man`s pose. Become known of your surroundings and also with the sounds coming from outside. Set yourself a positive goal or resolve for the day. Say it to yourself mentally in clear simple words. Repeat those words again three times and let them sink deep inside. Now, slowly begin to move your body. When you are sure to sit in a comfortable aware of your environment please sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with eyes- closed and chant OM with me three times.

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