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Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health

12 Sep 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health

Do you know the fact that every year, nearly 60 million people die from heart attacks only in the United States? Stress, hypertension, and cholesterol are major reasons behind our spoilt and untimed cardiovascular health. Thankfully, Yoga is there to help us tackle this epidemic as well. Multiple studies of universities have observed that regular yoga practice keeps your heart healthy and helps it fight several diseases. So, Learn about Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health

You will be surprised to know that by performing some specific yoga poses, heart chakras can also be activated and heart health improved greatly. In this blog, Ekattva shares yoga poses that help a heart stay healthy.

Vrikshasana- Tree pose

Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health
Vrikshasana- Tree pose

This standing asana is known for strengthening your knee, ankle, and joints. Vrikshasana helps you improve your motor abilities by giving you proper balance. In addition to it, tree pose calms your brain, and takes away unwanted stress, resulting in improved blood circulation. Learn how to practice tree pose:

  • Stand absolutely erect and drop your arms to the side of your body
  • Slightly bend your right knee, and then, place the right foot high up on your left thigh. Make sure that the sole is placed firmly and flat on the root of the thigh.
  • Your left leg needs to be absolutely erect. Once you have assumed this position, breathe, and find your balance.
  • Now, inhale, gently raise your arms over your head and bring them together in a ‘namaste’ mudra.
  • Look straight at a distant object and hold your gaze. This will help you maintain balance.
  • Keep your spine straight. Note that your body needs to be taut, yet elastic. Take in deep breaths, and every time you exhale, relax your body more.
  • Gently bring your hands down from the sides, and release the right leg. Come back to the original position of standing tall and straight as you did at the beginning of the practice. Repeat this pose with the left leg.

Trikonasana- Triangle pose 

This asana opens up your chest and heart by stimulating the abdominal organs. By stretching your hips, groin, calves, spine, and back, trikonasana ensures your heart is always pumping at its best. Trikonasana is a beginner-level yoga pose. By regular practice, you will be able to reap its benefits for your heart.

Here’s how to practice the triangle pose(Trikonasana) :

  • Stand straight keeping your feet about a leg distance apart. 
  • Turn your right foot out and left foot’s toe in about 45 degrees. 
  • Now roll the right thigh keeping the right knee in line with the first two toes. 
  • Draw the lower belly in and upkeep arms parallel to the floor or mat. 
  • Move to the right while inhaling.
  • Extend your body over your right leg and push the hips back. 
  • Bring your right arm down while exhaling.
  • Keep your hand either on the leg, the floor or a block. 
  • Rotate your ribs towards the ceiling. 
  • Raise your left arm straight to the ceiling keeping in line with your shoulder, palm facing forwards. 
  • Lengthen through the sides of the neck, keeping it in line with the spine. 
  • Look straight ahead, or tuck the chin slightly.
  • Now turn to look up towards your left hand. 
  • Breathe gently as you press through your feet.
  • Extend through fingertips and crown of the head, and rotate your ribcage. 
  • Press your feet firmly into the floor to release from the tree pose. 
  • Inhale and lift your left arm up as you come back to a standing position. 
  • Pivot your heels and repeat on the other side.  Repeat 5 times. 

The major aim of trikonasana is to increase your cardiovascular activity. The triangle pose also helps in activating the heart chakra. If you find it difficult to practice on your own, consult a  yoga teacher to teach you!

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Veerbhadrasana- Warrior pose

Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health
Veerbhadrasana- Warrior pose

Warrior pose is best known to improve stamina and balance. Virabhadrasana helps stabilize your heartbeat too. While performing this stretching exercise, our body secretes hormones that help to normalize heartbeat and relaxes us as well. Here’s how to do it:

  • This pose begins with finding the Warrior 1 stance with your front knee stacked over your front ankle and placing the rear foot firmly down at a 90-degree angle.
  • Once done, bring your both hands to your low back and slowly start to inch them down towards your back leg.
  • Keep your hips moving forward as you allow your chest to lift up.
  • Release very slowly and carefully!  

Very few are aware of the fact that Veerbhadrasana is one of the several limbs of heart chakra-activating asanas.

Urdhava Dharurasana- Wheel pose

Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health
Urdhava Dharurasana- Wheel pose

Wheel Pose develops mobility and flexibility in your spine and hip flexors. Urdhava Dhanurasana also benefits your heart by creating a ‘space’ in your heart. This stretching yoga pose gives your heart additional breathability by giving your body an energy boost. Learn how to practice this healthy heart yoga pose:

  • This intermediate-level heart chakra pose begins with laying on your back with your feet on your mat and knees facing the sky.
  • Now bring your hands beside your ears keeping your fingers towards your shoulders and elbows towards the sky.
  • Deep inhale for once and then press evenly into your hands and feet to push yourself up.
  • You can select the option to come to the balls of your feet for more intensity.
  • Stay in this position while holding your breath.
  • Tuck your chin towards your chest and slowly lower to your mat, your hips are the last things to touch down.
  • Relax in Shavasana!

Tadasana- Mountain pose 

Yoga Asana for Cardiovascular Health
Tadasana- Mountain pose 

The fundamental purpose of the mountain pose is to strengthen your spine, sharpen your focus and improve blood circulation (heart-related) in your body. Tadasana is the foundation of every standing yoga asana. It helps improve blood circulation and also makes your body flexible. Here’s how to do it! 

  • Begin this heart-strengthening asana by standing with your feet together. 
  • Make sure you distribute your weight evenly on your feet. 
  • Now, lift your kneecaps and activate your quadriceps muscles.
  • It’s time to press the backs of your knees forward without bending them.
  • Hug your upper thighs together to activate both your adductors. 
  • Place both arms alongside your body and turn your biceps and palms to face forward. 
  • Align your neck straight so it feels long and even on all sides.
  • Inhale deep and lift your rib cage evenly away from the pelvis.
  • Exhale and hug in the sides of your waist creating lumbar stability.
  • Stay in Tadasana for at least 8-10 breaths.

Practicing this heart-friendly yoga pose for 3-5 minutes daily will strengthen your immune system, making your heart agile.

By practicing the above yoga poses, you can reduce the chances of a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases to a great extent. But remember, if you are already suffering from heart or any other medical condition, it is always advisable to ask your doctor and yoga teacher before beginning the practice! 

If you have been practicing yoga for a while and have the desire to learn more about yoga’s healing poses, join our Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours YTT program and help others stay away from cardiovascular diseases. Drop your queries at email at himalayanyogainnepal@gmail.com

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