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Solo travelling experience yoga retreat

2 Nov 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


I have been to Himalayan Yoga Academy 2 years ago in April-May for a week.
I always wanted to do a yoga retreat and I’m glad I chose this place. Located quite close to the airport and in Kathmandu, was the perfect location for a first time solo travelling experience.

We were waking up super early for a cleanse ritual, followed by a yoga session, breakfast and then had some time for myself to do some exploring in the area. Daily was an activity like sauna, massage , oil therapy etc. They have different activities that target you as a whole, body and soul .

The food was so fresh and delicious, everything was cooked in front of my eyes and we could help and learn too!

In the evening was another yoga session followed by dinner and a reflection of the day.

I felt like part of their family not like a tourist there. Travelling solo was a bit scary for me..but they made sure to feel great and accommodate me with everything needed.

Was definitely an experience I will always remember.

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