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Yoga, an ancient Art and Science of Health, Self and Life, is the key for unlocking the hidden potency of human being. It works for integrated health, supper happiness, and harmony in human life. Health is not only the physical fitness, to those who have only physical fit means only 15 to 20% of life works in daily work out, to those who have mental and emotional balance means 50 to 60% of life works in daily work out and to those who have full of life force and will power means 100% of life works in daily work out. When the people, being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, culturally, socially, spiritually and also ecologically can only gain their integrated or wholesome health and then able to update into happiness. Being happier, they can expand their consciousness.Here Yoga Teacher…..

Nature of Course:

Yoga plays an important role in human health and life. So the yoga training of teachers in yoga both in theoretical and practical aspects in considered very necessary for developing skills and energy required in Yoga Teacher Training course. A model of course schedules for the Teachers’ Training Programme proposed by the experts are as follows:

The Training components include knowledge of Yoga and other related subjects to develop a broader prospective of teaching yoga for overall developments of wholesome personality of students. Accordingly the course standards has been prepared to provide the knowledge of fundamentals of Yoga  and other allied sciences to develop required skills and perception in Teacher-trainees.

It has two sections: Theory and Practical. The theory section deals with

The introduction, Foundations of Yoga,

Paatanjal Yoga Darshan & Ashtanga Yoga,

History & Philosophy of Yoga,

Hatha Pradipika and Hatha Yoga,

Gheranda Samhita & Sapta Sadhana,

Bhagavat Geetaa & Chaturthavidh Yoga,

Yoga, Human Anatomy & Physiology, fundamentals of Body science and relavent to Human health anf life.

Yogic Food & Lifestyle, Values & Attitude of yogic Life, Personality Development,

Methodology of Yoga Teaching, etc.

The practical session deals with:

 Yogic Practices like  Prathana (Prayer), Mantra (Mixture of Sound Energy), Shatakarma (Six Cleansing Acts), Sukshma Vyayama (Subtle Acts), Surya Namaskara Chakra (Sun- salutation Cycle), Yogasana (Posture), Bandha (Lock), Mudra (Gesture), Pranayama (Breath Control), Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), Ralaxation techniques, Dharana (Concentration gravity), Dhyana (meditation), Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga (Classical), Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action), Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion), Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Knowledge), mantra Yoga and Kundalini Yoga (Yoga of Spiritual Power);

Introduction of Corporate Yoga, Clinical Yoga, Children Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa (Modern Yoga), Yin Yoga ( Traditional Yoga with new Brand or Trade),   

Practicum (Teaching Practices) & Communication skills, Business skills, Chances & challenges, and Evaluation,

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