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30 Jul 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Supplement's For Yoga Practitioners


Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body . It is an art and science of healthy living . Generally , yoga is explained as a way of living . But , it can also be very challenging both physically and mentally . There will be days when you can`t seem to focus and lay on matt properly or your muscles could be tight and aching .Thus , this article will give you some ideas on Yogic food and lifestyle and what might be the best supplements for yoga practitioners .

A diet which is totally conductive to practice of yoga and spiritual progress is called yogic  diet . It purifies the body , calms the mind and explores the spirit . It is also called natural food . The food which purifies the body and calms the  mind is necessary for yoga practitioner . When we practice asanas  , we are asking body to do something for us , in return we need to acknowledge what our body needs inorder to be healthy and active to enjoy doing yoga without any physical discomfort .

Even the most advanced practitioners struggle with their performance time to time .So , what can we do to reduce such physical pain and mental nagging thoughts as well as improve the  quality of our yoga or practice .

Supplements for yoga can be great place to start . We should pay great attention to the food to attempt good health and life . Here is a look at the best yoga supplements and what they can do to helo you get the most out your practice

Best supplements for Yoga practitioners


The easiest way to ensure  that you are getting required amount of protein in your daily basis is to add a scoop of soy protein powder in your favourite smoothie . Or, if you are vegan you can`t have soy so you can simply have pea protein powder .

Protein is  essential for the  support of lean muscles mass , immune function , energy levels ,weight control and is the basis for all the enzyme  activity for basic body maintenance and detoxification .

High protein foods are very important to keep your muscles from being too sore after your yoga workout . They will also help you to build stenghth and boost stamina if you prefer practicing astanga vinyasa series .

Boosting your protein intake speeds up the  healing process and helps build new muscle over time , which means next time you won`t be quite as sore .

2) Multi – vitamins

In-taking a daily multivitamin can be most beneficial for Yoga practitioners .A good multivitamin will provie antioxidants  like vitamins A , C and E . The nutritional vitamins fight free radicals , which cause premature ageing and damage over time .

A complete multivitamin also provide  a full range of other vitamins and minerals that are essential for the physical health and mental wellbeing . These includes magnesium as a anti – inflammatory beneficial for yogis who are having flexibily issues or joint issues . also vitamin A to boost immune system and zinc to regulate hormones .

Maintaining  prpper nutrition is the  key to maintain  your energy levels .


Another great natural supplements is turmeric  , which is great for those suffering with chronic pain or inflammation . Turmeric has become incredibly popular recently  , and with good reason  . Long , before its fame , turmeric was used as a remedy for sprains , strains , asthma , digestive problems and any other inflammatory issues .

The active compound in turmeric , called curcumin , has anti – inflammatory properties  . So , its very useful for yogis who are dealing with muscle or joint pain . As an additional benefit , curcumin is also a anti – oxident with antiviral , anti bacterial , and  anticarcinogenic properties .

4) Green tea

Yogi green tea is a super Anti – oxidant tea which is purposefully formulated to supply Anti-Oxidents which means it can help repair muscle damage after vigorous practice and support  overall health  . Green tea provides many benefits such as calming the mind and body , regulating mood , and boosting energy . Also , Green tea contains L-theanine  , which promotes focus and calm to help you get the most out of your yoga class .

How Supplements can help you get the most out of your yoga practice ?

You will want to do your best to maintain a healthy deit  , but natural , supplements and vitamins from organic ingredients can also be beneficial in number of ways .Here are the top reasons to add supplements in your yogic lifestyle .

1. Prevent nutrients diffiency

The body requires vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the body development and preventing diseases .  Being deficient in certain nutrients can have a major impact on your daily performance . , as well as in your yogic practices . Diffiencies can lead to chronic issues like headaches , fatigue , mood swings , and brain fogs  , and many more illness and diseases .

Our modern fast food diet , and irresponsible agricultural practices make it much more difficulty to get all of the nutrients from food alone than it ever has been before . A high quality daily vitamin and mineral supplement is a smart wellness way for preventing nutrient deficiency and improving heath .

2. Boost energy and speedy recovery

When you have required nutrients in your body , it helps you to be active and boost your energy levels , which will motivate you to practice more and more .Many supplements are required for the  healing process and reducing  inflammation caused during practice .

3. Improves your sleep

The right supplement will help you to fall asleep and stay asleep . It helps to soothe your mind and body naturally by stimulating the release of  important neurotransmitters .

4. Make your mood  better

Elevated cortisols level keeps your body and mind in a tense state ( stressful state) that makes it difficult to focus . The right yoga supplements will reduce cortisols level and make you feel better , improve your mood , making you easier to stay calm and focus in your yoga practice .

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