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Lifestyle Management

13 Jul 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management:

The daily work schedules on the base of 24 hours biological clock throughout the natural cycle of human being is call lifestyle. This is the style or rule of life. In getting the targets in modern life, mostly health issue of modern people was affected.  According to Swastha Vritta, health are the equilibrium state of all the body humors, digestives fires, wastes and the pleasant of mind along the sense organs physically, mentally, psychologically, socially and spiritually. Health is the backbone for all the development and improvement in every step of life. Health is our primary right and also wealth without this we cannot get success and better carrier.

We are now on 21st century and well equipped with modern technology and features. Our life style is gradually changing toward the modernity and becoming more stressful and technological device. We have reached the extra level of successful in the technology that initially used to be handling by number of manpower now done in second with simply a button of computer. These life styles have good as well as adverse effects in personal, community along the country & continent.

Adverse effects of the modernization:

The modern life style have given modern benefits in performing daily activities in the same case making the slave of the materials that are creating number of obstacles in the physical , mental, psychology levels as well. We are too prone to the various life style disorders effecting our health and personal problem solving ability. Though we have advance technology in hospitals with research centers but the emerging of new and deadly diseases are being evolving that don’t seem quick and reliable techniques for recovery. There are more beds with more advance technology along infrastructures but number of the patients is increasing more quickly than technology more deteriorating the health with more advance complications. Natural mechanism is becoming dead, and becoming totally like parasites.

Physical aspect: Physically various food borne diseases has been observed like malnutrition, over nutritional diseases, psychosomatic diseases and many life style disorder abnormalities. These all are due to the sedentary life style creating numerous burdens. We don’t have proper knowledge of movement of our body parts while sitting, standing, moving and performing the daily activities that are gradually giving rise to the number of disease in physical level as the result of modern life style.

Mental Aspect: Life style disorder creates various mental, physiological and psychosomatic diseases. In the present context we can find most of people suffering from the mental diseases where most are psychological and psychosomatic abnormality. We can physically see through the various means of communication that many people performing suicide reaching the peak position in life as well as many poisoning, acid attack, killing parents friends and along close relatives this is due to imbalance relation with body, mind and the soul. The yogic further means helps to manage as well as eliminating the root cause of the fortunes.

Social aspect: In the society we can observe very unequal relationship with the modern and others people. There is always the hatred relation even in the family members. Always the youngsters seem to be with the gadgets leaving their precious time about the activities they need to perform. The feeling of doubt, dullness, carelessness, laziness, sense indulgence, false perception and instability in single matter as well as too much tasks at a same time are hovering the modern that’s why no time for a single way of realization. We can see initially there used to be gathering of people for the discussion for the activities carried out during with the positive as well as negative so special rules and regulation where active but with these life we have no time for personal activities then how could be for society? Hence social violence is seen more in present context deteriorating the social norms and values. 

Spiritual aspect: In the field of spiritual awareness we seldom find people interested in modern time. Rather if we get people interested also they are in need a shortcut method to operate all the level quickly for getting the benefits. All are rushing for their only their pleasure and also in the extreme level so  we can definitely say that in comparison to the ancient time modern people are too primitive in this matter. We are becoming more selfish, senseless, loneliness, egoistic, ambitious, anger, etc. We have lack of honesty, sense of humors, love & kindness, moral values, humors collaboration, etc.

Causes and effects theory:

There are numbers of causes that affects the modern life style. The cause used to be similar in the earlier ages also but it was among the minor people so used to cover. Similarly in the present condition the ratio is very opposite we cannot find the people with confirm within himself/herself. Rather moving restlessly every second with tension and problems with various disorders. The some of the cause of such deteriorating stages in modern life are as follows.

1. Pleasure and pain:

2. Higher demand and meet targets

3. Unconsciousness

4. Darkness and Ignorance

Pleasure and pain:

Pain, Pressure and tension are commonly suffered in the body.We human by nature are greedy and egoistic in our behaviors. We want everything that is in our visibility. We desire all the pleasure giving materials of the materialistic world. Not for sometimes but forever so we are very unsuccessful in our activity and pleasure is hindered for longevity. Just we can take an example, we don’t have vehicle for transport then ultimately we got the vary we desired. Then we want much advanced latest model likely in the very condition if we saw very model in our neighbor. We become jealous and unhappy further, we forget the earlier desire being success. According to the yogic text of Maharshi Patanjali in his text ‘Patanjali Yoga Sutra’ the pain is within us we are born with pain to cure the pre-historic deposition so we need to satisfy in the matter we have. We are indulged in the sensual pleasure by the pre-historic deposits and the pros and cons effect of the gunas e.g. sattvic, rajasic, tamasic.

Higher demand and meet targets:

We are in the competitive world of technology. We are overwhelmed by new generation and technology in every second to meet thus the higher demand/targets. We are engaged in numerous activities that give us various targets in the fulfillment hence, we are backward in our personal, social and spiritual carrier. We don’t have proper pleasure time to eat, sleep, rest, and think of other fields for the others dependence. Hence he/she is always with the various psychosomatic and life style diseases. The wrong way of eating, playing and acting are leading an adverse condition with own self, family and the connected society where the proper co-ordination is blocked. Hence the adverse hidden effects of modern technology towards the personal life can be seen that demand, a model life style which can balance these situation.


We are always in motion doing this and that. We don’t have enough time to handle various things but also don’t have successful life. The main reason behind this is the unconsciousness. We perform various things unconsciously, we eat food but don’t care how to eat hygienically, don’t have time to think the food is , just standing eating in hurry and also watching reading newspaper, TVs, games, even performing the tasks. We are not getting proper benefits to us in boosting our health physically and mentally, like during defecation we don’t give time adequately rather rushing creating problems like constipation, piles and many problems of colon and rectal. The hurries and activities is causing serious problem in health.

Darkness and Ignorance:

Om Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya” it means supreme power leads us from darkness to lightness. Due to lack of awareness, knowledge, schooling, cultural values, traditional issues, religious issues, social and personal issues sometimes are bringing darkness and making us ignorance which is the cause of suffers and pain. So we are misguided and innocently suffered.

Yogic model of lifestyle:

Keeping the various yogic means in the treatment of diseases along promoting, preserving, rejuvenating, rehabilitant, curing with spiritual awakening model of life is called yogic model of life style. We try to manage the three regimen of life Dinacharya (day regimen), Ratricharya (Night Regimen) and Ritucharya (Seasonal Regimen).

Shatakarma (Six cleansing Acts):

Jalaneti: The kriyas are jal neti, rubber neti or sutra neti these all kriyas cleans the nostrils as well as balance the swara for the further practice of pranayama. It also minimizes the phlegm remaining in the nasal track.

Basti: The kriya is the enema or colon therapy. It is the process of passing the mild hot water through the nozzle of the catheter kept in the pot at the height of 2-3 feet in the anus so it passes in large intestine so it comes out releasing the faces and cleaning the excretion channels.

Dhauti: Dhauti is the process of swallowing cotton muslin clothes of 6 feet through mouth with mild warm water so it passes the food pipe till stomach. It cleans the phlegm residing in the track as well as some portion of stomach wastes striking in cloth. The other types are as follows:

Nauli: Nauli is the process of moving the stomach rectal muscle at center side so that the digestive fire increases as well as massaging the related internal organelles’ of abdominal cavity like stomach and intestine.

Tarataka: Trataka is the process of focusing concentration of eyes so it removes pitta doshas as well as concentration in work. It is of two types external and internal. The process of focusing in single of external object like sun, moon or gurus feet, the interested with opening eyes is called external Trataka. Whereas focusing in internal body part like Aanja chakra forehead and other chakras are internal Trataka.

Kapalbhati: Kapalbhati is also important Shatkarma phase that helps to cleans the airway channels with carrying the wastes to the excretory channels with the proper functioning of respiratory system, circulatory along the nervous system with smooth functioning of bodily activities.


The posture of sitting in such position our body will be straight align along giving pleasure to the body is called asana. We practice the shukshma vayayama for proper movement and exercise to the small joints along is for the further practice of yoga asana according to the available time and efficiency. These sort exercises initially activates the muscles, nerves, joints along the bone that makes easiness in performing further asana. We can select some of the asana of our types to cure our abnormality or making fit and healthy they are- The yogic practitioners have found some asana the main where “Maharshi Gherand” explains 32 asana as main for curing and maintaining body. ‘Hatha Pradipika’ explained by “Swami Swatmaram” explains 15 asanas major along “Maharshi Patanjali” doesn’t give the amount of asana but explains that the asana that give us pleasure and tolerance for sitting for long duration.


We need to practice pranayama after the yogasana, so we can practice pranayama for long time. The pranayama is compose of two word prana and ayama where prana means the vital things in our body circulating throughout the body and ayama means the expansion os prana and remains long the duration.

Bhastrika pranayama: Exhalation and inhalation forcefully for certain count and holding breath outside and inhalation through the right nostril retention and exhalation through left nostril with the ratio of 1:4:2. This pranayama helps to balance the three doshas of body (vatta, pitta and kaph doshas)

Shitali pranayama:  Making the tongue fold like a pipe and inhaling the air and exhaling with holding for certain time from the nostrils is shitali pranayama. This pranayama is do in summer season for loosing body temperature with pacifying the pitta doshas /bile doshas

Brahmari pranayama: We press the ear with the thumb and placing the first finger in forehead, second in eyes base and other in the lips with inhalation and exhalation with producing the sound of bee is brahmari pranayama. This pranayama helps for calming down the mental stress. It is best for the students for concentrating and focusing in study as well as for efficiency of the labors in various tasks.  It has calming and soothing effect on the body, clears and invigorates the mind and uplifts the spirit.

Bandha and Mudra:

These are the various locks in body as well as the hands so that our consciousness resides with us with focusing and curing the abnormality. There are moola bandha holding air in the rectal part from escaping, uddhiyana bandha holding breath in chest and the jalandhara bandha holding in neck from inhaling and exhaling. The combination of all the three bandha is called mahabandha.

Himalayan Yoga Acadey Nepal

Yoga Nidra OR Meditation:

Yoga Nidra is called yogic sleep or conscious sleep for body and mind relaxation. It is an art of physical and mental relaxation. This is the practice of hearing and feeling.The meditation is the best technique of balancing the various physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual disturbances. Normally we don’t manage time for own self for self realization and recovery so through the meditation we can see our behaviors thinking so have a great successful life periods. Initially we simply see the incoming air and outgoing air with some time then moves to see the internal parts with sensitizing and relaxing. Then finally focusing in the external music of chanting ohm sound leading focusing in the single objects must be done.There are various types of steps applied in meditation they are yognidra, preshya, bhavatiya, swas dhyan, Brahmanada dhyan and mantra dhyan. Meditation is the main steps carried out in the model life of yogic intervention for focusing along curing the various disorders of modern life.


Clothes are importance for the life as it helps to protect from the external stimulus. We must wear dress for the comfortable according to the season, if we wear unseasonable clothes in prolong we may be prone to various abnormality. In modern life we wear the clothes that exactly don’t seem appropriate for the body humor. Too tight and too loose are rather not suit for the appearance and body. Ours customs shows our behaviors as well.

Food: Anna Brahma:

Food is divine. Jasto Anna Usto Mana that means whatever the food, same as mind. We are what we eat and our behavior also is as our food just as an example, if we eat non- vegetarian diet then we are too aggressive and show the exaggeration behaviors as have no conscious with rise to diseases. Every things shows is characteristics feature though it don’t seem in the material so we must be conscious in taking as well as selecting the type of food. Basically according the Vedas and the philosophy there are three types of food they are Tamasic, Rajasik and Sattvik. Out of these Sattvic food is called yogic food.

Tamasic food: The foods like highly spicy, fried, oily along with refined food comes under this category also the meat and meat products, re cooked, reheated food that makes us lazy due to much calorie food at a time. This sort of food also contain stale, tasteless, putrefied and over ripen food or may be canned, tinned, frozen, processed preserved food. The main thing is that we become lazy and restless in performing our activity so no effective for becoming healthy as leading with the diseases. 

Rajasic food: The stimulating food are called rajasic food that contains refined flour products, spicy, oily, fried, bitter, sour, salty, pungent and too odorous, onions, garlic and many more food. This food activates and stimulates of various organelles so we become restless and moving here and there with more desires 7 targets that really don’t show remarkable achievement in life. We over stimulate endocrinal and nervous with wasting the efficiency of body.

Sattvic food: These are the fresh food like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds beans, and wholesome grains, honey dairy and dairy products. This sort of food have high amount of essential nutrients that are essential for proper functioning of body. Having this sort of food we eat balance energy with higher conscious in the work with higher success in performances. For curing various life style diseases along the metabolic can be simply cured by these food once we become conscious in our eating. Hence we can directly say that our food must be medicine and the very medicine must be our food.   Hence yogic model of life require the sattvic food in daily with the balance state of all the nutrients.

Some rules and regulation of taking food are as follows:

-We should take food in sequences as sweet food first to balance the vatta doshas of hunger, salty and sour food for digestion followed by other taste with bitter at the end for minimizing the phlegm doshas.

-We should the slow poison known as polish rice, salt, sugar, refined flours and the vanaspati ghee

-We should eat slowly and chewing properly not too fast.-

-No water before half an hour, after 1 hour after meal and also in between meals.

-We should take solid food in surya swara and liquid food in Chandra swara so can be digested properly with effective nourishing.We should take seasonal food free from chemical during production as well as during preserving.                                                                                                                                                               

 –No physical and mental hard task after food. 

-No late night food as well as early sleep after food.    

-Food time 5 to 7 pm and after 2 hours at least after food , no sleep.                                                              

We should take food in conscious state so the proper secretions of juices happen for digestion with proper satisfaction intake food.


Sleep is also one action under lifestyle. We should have good quality of sleep for the quality of life.  We should sleep around 9 to 10 pm after 1 hour to 2 hours of Meal and wake up around 4 to 6 am. Normally we need 6 to 8 hours sleep for adults.The main objective of the study was to present the model life style that can clear all sort of life style disorders in all the level starting from the physical, social, psychological and spiritual level. After the study we came to know that yogic model life style is the only solution for curing all sort of lifestyle disorders in the prominent manners. It is true that we are in the extreme level of advancement of the technology but in the case of personal awareness in the field of health, education, service and most of the social arena we are in the initial stage. Though new advance technology tools and technique are used in diagnosis of diseases in hospital with effective means of treatment higher is the ratio of patient attendant, the mail reason behind this result is that medicines controls the symptoms not the root cause of the abnormality.

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