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14 Jul 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Himalayan Yoga Academy (HYA) is located at one of the best locations in Kathmandu which combines the best of the city’s landscapes and provides you with the perfect ambiance for learning the fine nuances of yoga. To Learn Yoga in Kathmandu

In our academy, during our yoga courses and retreats, we teach the students traditional yoga which will bring out the perfect balance in the student’s body and mind. Students are encouraged to ask questions about themselves, what they want to achieve out of practicing yoga, and how they want to take it forward.

HYA makes sure that the best yoga with the best teachers reaches its students so that they can derive maximum benefit for self-improvisation and progress in their yogic journey faster.

We provide yoga teacher training courses, retreats, singing bowl healings and training, reiki healing, and training at HYA and are getting popular among people who get benefited from these programs. The courses are available for yoga enthusiasts who aim to deepen their knowledge of ancient practice, connect with themselves, and share their knowledge with the world.

Also, We have been training students and producing successful teachers for the past 10 years. Our school has been on the top ever since its establishment.

Join Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses :

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Join Our Yoga Retreats

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

Special Days/Nights Yoga Retreat

Meditation Retreat

Singinig Bowl Healing

Why Yoga in Nepal?

Nepal is the land where the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies combine, yoga and meditation, and offers a blend of these practices.  Nepal is a mountainous country full of lakes, forests, jungles, caves, rivers, waterfalls, and other natural wonders that are suitable for yoga and meditation. A culture and history of yogic meditation have been established here by thousands of Yoga Rishis that reflected nature with their asanas, since time immemorial. Also, Nepal is a Himalayan country, the reason that yogic disciplines of Hatha, Mantra, Tantra, Shiva, and more are said to be the outcomes of conversations held in the lap of the Himalayas; between Lord Shiva (the true ‘Transformer’) and Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of fertility, love, and devotion.

Visit Nepal to Learn Yoga and fulfill your dreams in life. We will guide you in the best way possible. Your satisfaction and learning are our happiness. Join the Best Yoga School in Nepal

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