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Health through Pragya Yoga

8 Mar 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Health through Pragya Yoga

Pragya Yoga is one of the best methods prepared under the guidance of Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya the founder of All world Gayatri Parivar, Haridwar.Pragya Yoga Includes few asanas with breath awarness and gayatri mantra chanting for mental and spritual.

1. Tadasana Mantra ‘Om Bhoor “

Stand with your feet together.Inhale deeply and raise both the hands above the head.Lift your heels. Gaze at the sky. Slowly take the position of Tadasana.

Benefits :

  • Weakness of the heart.
  • Impurities of blood
  • Elimination of Constipation

2. Padhastasana Mantra “Om Bhuvah”

Exhale and Bend Yourself forward with the hips. bring your both hands beside the feet on the ground.Try to touch the head with knees. Keep the knees straight.

Benefits :

  • Remove the gas
  • Strengthens the Ida, Pingala and Susumna
  • Reduce the extra fat around waist.
  • Makes the spine supple.

3. Vajrasana Mantra “Om Swah”

Sit in Vajrasana-folding the knees and make a seat with the feet. Keep the hands on the knees breathing normally.


  • It relaxes the body.
  • Helpful inn Digestion.
  • Gas, Constipation and heaviness of stomach can be removed.

4. Ushtrasana Mantra “Tat”

Lift the buttocks and try to bring both the hands on the soles with inhalation.Open the chest and gaze at the sky.

Benefits :

  • Heart becomes strong.
  • Ida, Pingala and Susumna with spine get energy.
  • It gives relief in hernia.
  • It removes backache and asthma.

5. Yoga Mudrasana Mantra “Savitur”

Exhale while sitting into Vajrasanaa and then bending forward with raising the hands behind the back like yogmudra.Try to touch the forehead on the ground and come back.


  • Activates the manipura chakra.
  • Increase the blood supply to head, nerves and sensory organs.
  • Relieves mental slugginess.
  • Makes the loss of Prana from reproductive organs.
  • Eliminate the weakness of intestines and stomach.
  • Stimulates gastric fire.

6. Ardhatadasana Mantra ” Varenyam”

Inhale and Raise the upper part of the body while sittinng into vajrasana.Raise both the hands above the head like tadasana.

7. Shashankasna : Bhargo

Exhale and bend the hips touching the forehead and elbows the ground.

Benefits :

  • Relaxes abdominal organs and nerves.
  • Increase flexibility of spine.
  • Increase blood circulation to the brain and abdominal organs.
  • Activate pitutary, pineal and thyroid gland.

8. Bhujangasana Mantra “Devasya”

Keeping the hand and knees at the same position, inhale and lift the upper part of the body forward with chest.Take in the bhujangasana.Gaze at the sky and hold this position for sometimes.

Benefits :

  • Gives strength to the heart and spinal cord.
  • Corrects the bad effects of poor posture of the upper back.
  • Excellent in dealing with cervical spondilytis.
  • Builds and tones up the muscles of shoulder, neck and upper back.Stengthens the arms.
  • Increase Lung Capacity.

9. Triyak Bhujangasana (Left) Mantra “Dhimahi”

Be in Bhangasana.Exhale and tilt to left and try to see the heels of your feet with lateral bending.

10. Triyak-Bhujangasana)right) Mantra “Dhiyo”

Now tilt to the right and try to s ee the heels with right side lateral bending.

11. Shashankasana Mantra “Yo Nah”

Keep the hands and knees at the same position. Bring the body back again and go into Shashankasana and exhale.

12. Ardhtadasana Mantra “Prachodayat”

Raise both hands and take position of Vajrasana and come into Ardhtasana with Inhalation.

13. Utkatasana Mantra “Bhooh”

Bring the hands in praying position in front of the chest. Take the squatting position and come into the position of utkatasan.

14. Padhastasana Mantra “Bhuvah”

Bring the whole sole on the ground.Lift the buttocks and come into the position of Padhastasana while keeping the hands beside the feet and exhale.

15. Tadasana Mantra ‘Swah”

Inhale and raise the head , hand , chest , and trunk like tadasana gaze at the sky.

16. Chanting of OM : Om tatsabiturvarenyam

Exhale with chanting of Om bringing the hand with making the first feeling of strength and energy.

Note :

  • Pragya Yoga Takes less time to perform.
  • It has a sequence of 15 poses out of them five are repetition.

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