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Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal (Himalayan Yoga Academy)

18 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal (Himalayan Yoga Academy)

Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal has been established as a school where students gets enlightened with not only asana but with spiritual knowledge and other life englighments. As a true yoga school in Nepal, it offers specified and standard courses to the trainee for the purpose of conducting the teacher training programs. Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal has courses that are made in order to make your dream come true. We don’t think after taking the courses you have to be the trainer or link with the yoga. Being best yoga teacher training school in nepal, we provide these courses which may be beneficial for you. We brought the comprehensive designed courses which will be conducted by highly experienced and dedicated teachers. The trainings and services which we provide are:

  • 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Yoga Retreat in Nepal
  • Reiki Training in Nepal
  • Singing Bowl Training in Nepal
  • Ayurveda Training in Nepal

Courses Provided: –

Since Himalayan Yoga Academy is Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal we have many students that attain the class or course. We provides best services clean room, spa services, hiking services and spiritual environment, healthy foods, Nice classes with experienced gurus as the requirement of the course and students.

The goal of Himalayan Yoga Academy are :-

 Yoga of different forms can help so many problems which are in our society. So our main goal is to help the society to get ride from these all and other are

  • Conduction of advance and authentic Yoga Trainings based on philosophical & Traditional footing and boosting the intrinsic needs of human life.
  • Provision of eastern knowledge and philosophy to world people with motive to unite Sanatana (ancient) and Modern wisdom through the science of self.
  •  Improvement of well being, health, happiness and harmony through knowledge of yoga and spiritual science developing the platform of International yoga commune.
  •  Make well experiences on specific features of Nepal like natural and cultural beauty, Nepalese lifestyle, introduce the festivals and feasts and traditional practices and make all know “People’s Unity owns Cultural and Natural Diversity
  • Resolution of keeping our focus in spiritual tourism further ahead however we initiated this karma, especially the promotion of Spa since 1999 and Yoga continuously since 2007 A.D in this field till date.
  •  Acknowledgement of real traditional yoga all over the world in modern contest where people, even yoga Masters and practitioners are misunderstanding knowingly and unknowingly, doing just the business, not trying for the transformation of self.

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