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5 Jul 2019 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy



Abstract:Yoga For Elderly People

Life is one of the wonderful creations of the nature. Life is a recycling process which does not end. It passes through different stages of Zygote, Embryo, fetus, Infant, child, childhood, puberty, Adolescent, Youth, Adult, finally old ages. The present way of life determines the how we are going to live ahead. Each phases of life is wonderful and beautiful moment of life. We should try to make the best on each moment. We will have new experiences throughout the steps of life ahead. Imagination discovers the experience and knowledge. Our ancient sacred texts like Vedas, Upanishada, Darshana, Smriti, Bhagavata Geeta, Ramayana, Ashtvavkra Gita, Mahabhaarata etc. are the ideal texts for human lifestyles. Especially Yama and Niyama of yoga are the fundamental principles of life and also all the organs of Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga are very important and applied. Basic principles and practices of yoga is for all ages of people, not only the middle ages of people. Until last minutes of life, he/she are able to use yogic norms and rules, will leave the body with final smile. Yoga is such a science on which there is “no retire, never tired until expire”. This is general info on Yoga For Elderly People


Yoga is the science for all age’s people. It is not the copy and paste science, just should ask the body and perform all the means of yogic practices as need. The way of yoga is promoted and messaged wrongly to public as physical training, even as exercises being out of yogasana ethics. Wrong techniques of yoga can harm to all, especially for elders. This age is more critical and creates sometimes more complexities. So it’s very need to message the people how the elderly people can do yoga, how and why. I express my views with maximum information required by a senior person, not about the yogasana, but also about all the means of yoga through daily lifestyles like how to eat, how to drink, how to work, how to sit, how to stand, how to sleep, how to wake up, how to think, how to speak, how to behave, how to love, in general how to survive.

Elderly and lifestyle:

Lifestyle consist each and every activity in a day. Past, Present and Future affect on karma in one’s life. Our each karma is responsible for what we need to pursue the next steps of life. This is the age where one can think in order to accomplish oneself healthy,  fit and active life from all aspects of life. This is the age where one gets more time for oneself, ones family, for leisure, for rest, recreation and relaxation. Now a day due to enhancement of technology in our life, everyone has improved a quality of dependency. It makes one unhealthy, inactive, unfit, and lethargic too.

“Nityam hitahara vuhara sevi, samikshari vyasane shvasaktah!
Data samah satyaparah, khamavanapropasevicha bhavatyarogah!!” – Charak Samhita

It means that one who takes healthy food regularly, remains in company of good people. People who rationalize upon the end consequences before doing any activity. One who is neither fascinated to materialistic things nor misuses them. One who gives charity, maintain equilibrium in happiness and unhappiness, uses truthfulness and possesses forgiveness quality and who is the knower of religion, never become ill and always would be healthy. Yogic practice with well understanding and experiences can stop the aging process of degeneration and breakdown of cells.

Yoga For Elderly People
Yoga For Elderly People

The measures should be applied by elderly people:

-Balance the action, rest and relaxation
-Be free, fresh and fame
-Keep health, happiness and harmony
-Apply triple rules of Discipline, Determination, and Devotion
– Apply the rules of Yama and Niyama of Ashtanga Yoga
-Have a adequate sleep, proper exercise regime
-Be careful about your diet, its timing, quality and quantity
-Avoid excessive exercises, unwanted travelling.
– Get medical observation in time.
-Increase social involvement, and devote for spiritual and religious merits.
-After retirement the real life begins, for pending, wishes, and desires
-Avoid depending on senses as they get aged, sluggish and weaker
-Better to focus the need rather than desires and enjoy the most, be happy, peaceful and satisfied
-Share and teach all the experiences and knowledge to others
– After food, two hours, no sleep and few minutes walking and then should sit in Vajrasana
-Drink enough water, take fresh air and intake of protecting foods like fruits, vegetables.
– Do 15 to 20 minutes pranayama and meditation two times a day.

Growing Age and Memory:
Elderly people usually say I forgot this and that, simply because you didn’t pay attention or concentration, did not show interest and willing to remember. There are so many ways and techniques in order to enhance memory and concentration. Main concentration techniques, light concentration, candle concentration, pen concentration, thumb concentration, flower concentration, Candle concentration, clear and fair as well as cure method. Memory involves learning, remembering and forgetting which can be short term, long term and photogenic.

Yoga is the best way for regulation of life existence. Yoga is the science of freeing of mind or equilibrium in life. It harmonizes the body and promotes the capacity and efficiency of the body and mind. All traditional types of yoga is for elderly people, mostly better to use Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Raja Yoga. People frequently ask the questions that what kinds of yoga do you teach or how many processes are in yoga? But I sometimes become confused on that situation. Usually we should teach traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

Yogic Practice for Memory and concentration

  1. Omkara / Pranava mantra chants
  2. Shambhavi Mudra,
  3. Khechari Mudra
  4. Nasigra Mudra
  5. Sinhasana
  6. Bharamari pranayama,
  7. Nadi shodhana Pranayama
  8. Trataka (Concentration Gaze)
  9. Sasankasana
  10. Sirshasana
  11. Eyes Exercise
  12. Jalaneti


Yoga can be a best remedy for any illness, if we practice in regular base. Due to elderly ages our body faces so many things and boundaries, so we should accept this. But yoga is rule of nature as a pattern of Universal truths. If we follow this smoothly and properly, we can restore our health and age. There are so many limitations occur with the ages like joint’s movement, muscles pain, stiffness, loss of enduring capacity on mental and physical body and so on. We lose our health to make the money but then lose our money to restore our health. We forgot the present being anxiously about past and future and also missed and misused this beautiful life gifted by nature. We are living by dyeing by dyeing on each moment. In fact, “Om Mrityorma Amritagamaya”, we never die; only the body dies soul remains alive or immortal.  The supreme power may lead us from mortal to immortal.

                                                                                       -Yogacharya Subodh Simkhada @     [email protected]

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