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Why Take Sankalpa (Resolve / Auto-Suggestion) ?

26 Jan 2021 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Why Take Sankalpa


A sankalpa may be a statement that does this for us. Literally ‘San’ refers to reference to the very best truth ‘Kalpa’ means vow, or “the rule to be followed in particular other rules.”. Sankalpa, then, may be a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth. “By definition, a sankalpa should honor the deeper meaning of our life. Sankalpa is the key of Karma. Initiation of the day from Sankalpa , will be perfect karma effects.  A sankalpa speaks to the larger arc of our lives, our dharma—our overriding purpose for being here.” The sankalpa becomes a press release you’ll call upon to remind you of your true nature and guide your choices.

An integral a part of yoga as transformation, as a way of making conscious change, starts with self inquiry and setting an intention. Each moment is the beautiful initiation of the beautiful day and each day is the beautiful initiation of this beautiful life. In yoga, we are invited to seem inside and to make a Sankalpa – the only translation is ‘conscious intention’ or even ‘heart’s desire’ – it’s deeper than a press release of purpose, it’s an affirmation of who we are.


Discovering your sankalpa is a process of listening yourself. Your heartfelt desire is already present, waiting to be seen, heard, and felt. It’s not something you need to make up, and the mind doesn’t have to go wildly searching for it. What do you want to do in life?  That karma is started from today, right now positively.

In order to research the heartfelt desire behind this type of intention, ask yourself what desire that behavior is currently trying to satisfy. Are you seeking good healing, peace of mind, freedom from pain, the sensation of being accepted, and the transformation of life? “See if you’ll find a deeper hunger, a longing that’s asking to be nourished. The sankalpa determines your way of life and convey you into your goal.


Concentration and Meditation are the way of a practicing by an individual self to train to the conscious mind state. It involves the way of position of body factor where one has to keep the state of perfect set of mind and body to one way direction. The term meditation refers to high broad sense of variety of practicing different techniques to conscious state of mind, body relaxation, build internal energy or life force exploration and so on and finally that bring you into silence or state of devoid.

When we practice Self Inquiry (atma vichara) we give ourselves time to urge the basis of a story or limiting belief that we feature around – if we take time, we’d start to ascertain the origin of the story or even who we inherited that value or belief system from in our family.


We must choose our own sankalpa very carefully. The wording should be very precie and clear, otherwise it will not penetrate the subconscious mind. The following are few short, positive, and clear statements which can be used for change.

Just for today, I will be peaceful and happy

I will be honest

I will awaken my spiritual potential.

I will be kind, do love and respect to all.

I will live by attitude of gratitude.

I will achieve total health.

I will be more aware and efficient.

I will be successful in all that I undertake.


We should our sankalpa according to our needs and inclinations. We should not be hurry and worry. Time I required depending on the nature of the resolve and the degree to which it is planted in the mind and heart. The result depends on our sincerity and deep felt need to attain the goal of our sankalpa. Sankalpa is the component in Prayer and Meditation as a major tool of Yoga.

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