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Why Online Yoga Teacher Training During Corona virus Quarantine?

16 May 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


Why Online Yoga Teacher Training During Corona virus Quarantine?

Nothing is powerful than the nature. Nobody and nothing can stop the overflow of nature. Natural calamities sometimes bring natural disasters, by nature like accidents, incidents, epidemics and pandemics.
During this pandemic Corona virus outbreak, most of us are inside our homes lockdown. So during this quarantine, we are not allowed to go outside our home. This lockdown has been making us lose our trainings and courses.

Those who are already trained, they may practice at home and boost the vitality which works against the pathogens like covid-19, even situation has been making us stay home, stay safe as well. In order to use the home time for innovative and effective works and also prevent the depression and anxiety which may possibly suffer by the pandemic disasters.

All we know how wonderful it is to have access to online class, yogic materials, lectures and motivations from the comfort of your home devices or mobiles, so you can consult your Yoga Guru, watch and replay all the forwarded items at anytime you want. You can learn different skills, wonderful tips, lessions, new perceptions and lots of trainings of yogic paths through online teachings.

As you will, if you are a yoga lover, looking for true knowledge and life pills against any types of physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual suffers like current viral pandemic moments,

Follow this link to know things to during Coronavirus Quarantine


and  also if you are imagining and recalling  about yoga teacher training course with academic Yoga Guru in original and literal footing in order to meet your sub-conscious dream plan, let’s join hand in hand together in this beautiful journey of self, throughout the self, to the self.  Why is just stuck at home?

Bridge Pose

So, you may do this online yoga teacher training where you will get all the ancient knowledge and skills required for overflowing the spiritual energy in whole life and also for generation to generation by becoming true Yoga Master for enlightening to all human who are keenly searching hither and thither but it was not any way to grab this chance due to some circumstances till date, may be the right time, right use for right purposes, so please hurry up.

  The certification will be exactly the same as you would receive if you were to do the course in-person and you will be qualified to teach yoga both online and offline.

Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Nepal

About 200 hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

This is an online teacher training which will helps you to fully understand the lifestyle and practices of authentic and literal yoga. It will help you to develop your connection to your own deepest wisdom, your inner knowing and intuition. And most importantly it will help you finding the tools for self-development, spiritual self-inquiry, as well as integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your being.

It will transform limiting beliefs and perceptions that may be holding you back into a joyous affirmation of life, while deepening your understanding of your true life’s purpose and role in the universe.The teachings are rooted in the philosophy of Yoga and other sacred texts, meeting you wherever you may be in life, enabling you to unleash your greatest potentiality.

Under our Yoga Teacher Training course, there are no only Physical trainings, also includes body cleansing acts, different yogic paths, good lifestyle, healthy food rules, knowledge of body science, mantras as sound energy, meditation as entire silence, Yoga for children, Yoga for old ages, corporate yoga, etc.

Things To Do During Coronavirus Quarantine at Home

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