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WHAT IS REIKI? History of Reiki

15 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

history of reiki

By Swami Yog Subodh ( Dr Subodh Simkhada)


In this world, when this beautiful universe with full of cosmic energy appeared and it exists by the universal energy known as Cosmic intelligence. Every universal body is connected and bounded by universal force called gravitation force. Each creature and each element are influenced by this cosmic intelligence. They are also existed and guided by this cosmic intelligence. Further about History of Reiki

Whole existence behind the energy is working, and also for higher consciousness of human being is also achieved by the power.  Knowingly, unknowingly, visibly or invisibly the universal energy is keeping our existence. The energy works for survive, balance life, and also spiritual life with higher consciousness. In Divine civilization, god, goddess, holy persons, sages and seers achieved and realized the cosmic power and they were become intellect and holiest, and some of them are enlightened. They used to apply this energy for the best wishes, empowerments, encouragement, motivation, True nature, lightness, sympathy, and also for blessings.More about History of Reiki

Same cosmic energy coming on 26th hundreds ago, when Siddhartha Gautam enlightened and was so called Buddha. Then he begun to educate and motivate for the exploration of peace, love and true knowledge through philosophical guidance and at same time informally he used this cosmic power as spiritual energy for healing purposes but he did not formally and systematically use, develop and follow up this healing system. It was not used to for public.  

In 19th century, around hundred years ago, Mikao Usui, is a Japanese, studied and practiced this eastern and Buddhist wisdom and philosophy long time coming in Tibet and other south Asian zones. He got back to Japan with lots of spiritual experiences and knowledge, and then he started the determined meditation practice going up in one of the Japanese hill and continued practice in fasting. On 21st day of his practice, he realized and achieved different and unique energy entering in his body with lights, rays, symbols from universe. Then he stopped his practice and got back to home.

History of Reiki

After this experience and realization, something happened in his life, when he touch to somebody, they felt healing and got recovery in miracle way from some illness. Then he developed the system of healing with energy. Finally he gave this healing system name Reiki from Japanese word. In Japanese Language Reiki means “Universal Power Energy”.‘Rei ‘stands for Universal power and ‘Ki’ stand for Energy or cosmic intelligence.

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