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The Best Place to Learn Yoga in Nepal

29 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Best Place to Learn Yoga in Nepal


Nepal, easiest and safer country to visit, even alone you can travel to Nepal. Now you can do Yoga Teacher training course, Yoga retreat, Yoga Detox, Special Pranayama Course, Yoga nidra  and Meditation course, Mudra Yoga, Mantra ,Reiki Healing and Training, Singing Bowl healing and meditation,  Basic Ayurveda  and Pancha Karma course under the same umbrella. More reasons about Best Place to Learn Yoga in Nepal

It is cheaper and very easier to learn Yoga Teacher Training at Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal.

Nepal is the beauty of Culture, Nature, and Diversities. You can fully enjoy here with Nepalese lifestyle, Traditions, and Costumes throughout the Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. You will learn here very authentic Yoga including all the means of Shata karma, Prayer,  Aasanas, Bandha, Mudras, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditations, Aahara Yoga (Food Yoga),. You will learn here Himalayan Yoga Academy good life styles throughout the biological clock what time what to do.

It is easy way to be yoga Master, not only Yoga Teachers cum Instructors. It will be nice initiation, and just need to give continuity with full determination for your perfections. You may continue this journey of making a difference by using natural remedial ways of life.

“There is will there is way”. So your will power makes you start your journey to Nepal and know about the Nepal. The overall well-being of humankind is a product of Yoga masters to a great extent these days and to become a perfect Yoga Master in Nepal, third pole of the world.

If you want to groom your yogic or spiritual knowledge, Nepal is the best place for you. Nepal is birthplace of yoga, origin of yoga referencing the Shiva civilization, Janak Civilization, Kapil and Patanjali Buddha Civilization.  Nepal is the CORE place of whole south Asian countries due to the Himavat Kshetra.


The traditional Yoga cultures are the essence and beauty of Nepal. Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at Himalayan Yoga Academy in Nepal will promote your values and roles as a Yoga master.  

Apply Now: 200 HRS and 300 HRS Yoga Teachers Training In Nepal

To learn yoga in Nepal to increase your skills and to sharpen your Intelligence, it is highly advisable to become a good trainee or disciple; you should be conscious and silent. A Yoga Master is a practitioner and healer who update a source of true knowledge who may rebuild the circuit of yogic tools, with traditional standards to help people with physical, mental, and spiritual foundation.

Apply Now: 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Nepal

Himalayan Yoga Academy is affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA, which is global Yogic Brand for quantity and quality of Yogic science, so you will get global validity to work in this faculty as well. Yoga Alliance recommends the very standards course for 200 hour Yoga teacher Training in Nepal. So this conclude Best Place to Learn Yoga in Nepal

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