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Why Yoga Training in Nepal ? Part-II

11 Feb 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Why Yoga Training in Nepal

“Yogen chittasya padena vaachaam, malam sarirasya cha vaidyakena!
Yo’paakarottam pravaram muneenaam, patanjalim praanjaliraanato’smi!!

I salute Maharshi Patanjali, the highestamong the sages, who has presented the remedies for removing the impurities of the body through his treatise on Aayurveda named Charaka Samhitaa,  the impurities of speech through his treatise  on Grammar named Paatanjala Mahavhaasya and the impurities of chitta (more about mind) through his treatise on Yoga named Paatanjala Yoga Darshana.Further more about Yoga Training in Nepal

Nepal is very unique and pinnacle country for known as:

* a country of Shiva Civilization, Shiva is known as by the name of Aadiguru, Aadiyogi, Aadinaatha, Yogeshwora  in Himavat Kshetra (Himalayan region);

*a country of Parvati (Wife and first Disciple of Shiva) known as Shakti (energy, will and action),

*a country of Pashupat as Yogashaalaaa (first School of Pashupat or Shiva Yoga, is known as Yoga Chaturtha i.e.  Hatha Yoga (Physical Balance), Mantra Yoga (Sound Energy), Laya Yoga (Rhythm) and Raja Yoga (Eternal),

*a country of Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages), a country of sages and seers;

* a country of Maharshi Kapil in Kapildhaama;

*a country of Buddha in Lumbini,

*a country of King Janaka (Father of Goddess Sita and Yogi King as Yoga Saadhaka and convener of First ancient Yoga workshop) in Janakapur,

*a country of Veda-vyasa In Tanahu;

*a country of Third Pole of the world (Mount Everest  in Sagaramathaa, a country of Natural and Cultural Beauty, a country of Temples, and an origin place of Yoga, whole eastern Epics and Novels.

When somebody first time hears these above very wonderful, interesting and secret truths were mostly hidden and shaded after British left the Bhaarata, was definitely surprised.

Now another Surprise is given here that recently one of Nepalese Sanskrit Intellect who is great researcher, especially in historical, religious, spiritual, philosophical fields has given more than one hundreds facts and truths about Maharshi Patanjali, who were also born in Nepal. The birth place of Patanjali is located around 60 km West- North direction of Buddha Birth Place, Lumbini.

Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

Another fact is almost Sages and Seers, Yogins and Holy persons, their next half of the ages, have stayed and practiced in land of Nepal, even wherever they were born because of Sadhanaa Bhoomi (Land of spiritual Practice), the science behind is high altitudes, junction of Rivers like Dobhan, Triveni, Bank of Holy Rivers from Himalayas, Land of God and Goddess, Less Gravity force for Kundalini awakening, and due to all the features mentioned above.

Karma Yoga Theory is ‘Effect and Cause’; it means if there is the effect, there is the cause. It will be the golden moments to grab the chance for yoga Teacher Training and even Yoga Retreat, and also Yoga Saadhaanaa (Spiritual Practice) with full of experiences of nepali cultures, lifestyle, traditions, Customs,  in Nepal and also will be so grateful to learn this pure sacred wisdom in such a pure and organic land.

Here in Nepal you can find the Yoga Masters (Yoga Guru) came from Academic knowledge rather than only lineages or traditions and also spiritual Saadhaka rather than religious prospective. Yoga is not religion, is purely spiritual science, as science of life, art of happiness, and science of consciousness.  So that let’s do this journey of self together with broad concept of International Commune.

Welcome to Nepal with lots of love, peace and light.

To be continued……

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