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The 5 Reiki Priniciples

26 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

The 5 Reiki Priniciples

By Swami Yog Subodh – School of Reiki

Everything has fundamental principles for the meaningful sense and use. To have and connect to Reiki power, we should have “Sankalpa” means “resolve” or positive affirmation to our sub-conscious mind. Having this sankalpa, everything connects speedily to long term memory center and makes fast connection to cosmic intelligence. Reiki Priniciples

Each moment is the beautiful initiation of the beautiful Day and this beautiful day is the beautiful initiation of this beautiful life, so that use the moment properly, do not misuse or do not miss.

Top 5 Reiki Priniciples

1) Just For Today, Have Peace and Harmony

Worry causes stress and anxiety leading to an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit and also blockage to the root chakra. Peace and harmony give beautiful and wonderful healing. It has been proven through numerous studies that peace can create the good atmosphere for healing and balancing life and aslo laughter can heal and in some cases prevent life threatening illnesses which keeps peace and harmony which are foundamental ethics of life. Use this knowledge to live a healthier and longer life.

2) Just For Today, Be Happy

Anger is an emotion. When we get angry we lose control of that emotion. In order to live by the above principle we must understand what triggers our anger and how we can choose to remove this destructive emotion from our being. Every time you meet someone there is an exchange of energy. If you are both happy and find the meeting was enjoyable then the energy exchange is neutral. However, if you lose control of your emotions and become angry, the other person steals your energy. Likewise, if someone gets angry at you then you are stealing their energy. So that happiness is the supreme power for perfect life.

3) Just For Today, Do your Work Honestly

Honesty means different things to different people. Many people feel it is fine to take home a few pens from the office, the company turn over millions in profit each year so they can afford to lose a few items of stationery. Everyone at some point is dishonest. You may not steal from another person or company, but instead steal from yourself. For example if you a have a talent to help people and you choose not to then you are stealing from yourself by denying your gift.

4) Just For Today, Live with Attitude of Grattitude.

Life tends to give us what we need, it may not be what we want but it will be what we need. Karmicly throughout our lives we receive what we need to grow and learn in this lifetime. If we grasp these lessons and grow accordingly we will become spiritually enlightened. Instead of wasting your life complaining of the things that have happened to you, and the problems you face. Step back for a moment on a regular basis and discover and appreciate the many blessings in your life.

You will be amazed at how many wonderful things there are to give thanks for. Leave the materialistic things aside. They are shallow and meaningless. Pay attention to, and focus on the things that are free and bring joy and humility to your life and develops the attitudes of beings. For example, your mind, body, spirit, health, family, friends, flowers, trees, sea, sun, love, faith, knowledge, the countryside, animals, birds, etc., the list is endless. So, do have good attitudes of grattitudes to them.

5) Just For Today, Be Kind, Do Love and Respect to All

The law of karma states that what goes around comes around. Be kind, feel kind and get kindness. Send out love and you will receive love back in return.

Honor your parents, honor your teachers, honor your elders. Being Kind brings Love into the Will.

Karma is a two edge sword. Send out negative thoughts and you will get negative results. Living within this precept will give you a happier and less stressful life with full of joys, peace, kind, love and respect to all.

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