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Science of Nature and Naturopathy

29 Apr 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Science of Nature and Naturopathy

Need of study of science of Nature and Naturopathy

Nature is the mother of all existences and also the sources of all creations. Finding knowledge and experiences through difference sources and process in order to fulfill the certain purpose or need is from the science. The study of science makes any issues easier, clear, usable and rational. Nature is foundation or right spot to attempt the better understanding. Everything is here in nature. Naturopathy, a treatment and a healing theory throughout five elements, is typically based on nature and her five elements which are the root causes of every creation. So ether element is the first element according to the origin of panchatattva is basically used in nature cure system.

Naturopathy is not only a system of treatment; it shows a simple way of living. Initially one takes the nature cure and then he is attracted by this system. Finally he sees a ray of hope on it. Keeping this in mind, it has been felt that there is most need of this study about ether element therapy which can give proper guidance and clarity to those who are students, teachers, doctors, patients and other interested persons to naturopathy.

 Introduction of Nature :

Nature is formed of panchamahaabhoota which is a platform of these five elements. On this platform, matter and energy are existed that means one by one creation was appeared in this world/universe. Each beings and matters took same qualities and nature of Panchatattva. We are born in nature, cared, protected and collapsed by nature. Srishti (Creation), Sthiti (Operation) and Pralaya (Destruction) are the fundamentals rules of Nature or the Adrishya Shakti (unseen Energy / divine power). Nature creates, saves and makes us sick as well as and ultimately treats, heals, promotes, and rejuvenates us. This is the cycle of nature and beings. Nature is a healer and gives healing to us. She has the great power by which every creature is being benefited. Naturally we like the nature, we love the nature, we enjoy in nature, and we feel fresh and energetic. We are able to gain the spiritual power in nature. So use of five elements of nature differently in treatment and healing process is very effective and natural process.

1.2 Panchatattva and their origin

It is said that before creation took place, there was nothing except the supreme power or cosmic intelligence.  In the beginning, firstly Aakaasha tattva (Ether) element with its subtle form ‘Shabda’ (Sound) was appeared by the power of supreme soul; later Vaayu Tattva (air element) with its subtle form ‘Sparsha’ (Touch) was appeared; then Agni tattva ( Fire Element) with its subtle form ‘Rupa’ (Form); then Jala Tattva ( Water) element with its subtle form ‘Rasa’ ( Juice/drop); then Prithivi Tattva (Earth ) element with its subtle form ‘Gandha’ (Smell). Each element takes the quality of previous element which is given below.

Element Name                                           Subtle Form & Quality

Aakaasha (Ether)                                                     Shabda (Sound)

Vaayu (Air)                                                                 Sparsha (Touch) + Sound

Agni (Fire)                                                                  Rupa (Form) + Touch + Sound

Jala (Water)                                                               Rasa (Juice) + Form + Touch + Sound

Prithivi (Earth)                                                          Gandha (Smell) + Juice + Form + Touch + Sound

1.3 Panchatattva and Body Natural Anatomy

Human being is one unit of supreme soul or nature. As the union of panchatattva that is nature, similarly human being is also composed of panchatattva Akasha, Vayu, Agni, Jala and Prithivi. So we can find these five elements in different forms in the body.

Elements in Nature                                   Elements in Body

Ether                                               Cellular space, vessels, cavities, tracts, holes, canal and space

Air                                                    Respiration, circulation, communication, hearing, and motion

Fire                                                  Oxidation process, body temperature

Water                                             Blood, Lymph, Juice, Mucous, all the body fluids

Earth                                               All Muscles and Bones

Definition: Naturopathy

Naturopathy is the path of treatment system throughout artful use of five elements (Panchatattva). It is healling theory of Panchatattva. It is also considered as the oldest medical system in the world. It is known as the mother of all the therapies. It is the oldest therapy as nature itself and also as the creation of all the creatures as well. Natural way of treatment has been mentioned in Vedas as a Upavaasa (Fast), surya chikitsa (Sun therapy), Aahara Chikitsa (Food therapy), Jala Chikitsa (Water therapy), herbal therapy, etc.

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