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15 Jan 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy


By Swami Yog Subodh – School of Reiki


An unseen power in universe is working for universal existence. As the appearance or creation of the world, something energy is working around us. Each creatures or each being is directly or indirectly, this way or that way, less or more connected to universal power.  The application of this supreme power or universal power was considered as spiritual saadhanaa (Practice) in ancient time, latterly was also used for spiritual healing and Pranic Healing. The means of practice was dhyana (Meditation) or tapa (Austerity). The sages and seers did hard practice as a Tapa and meditated for supreme power and blessings. They used this power to save righteousness and to destroy the devils or unrighteousness. It was also used for blessing and empowering to devotees.

This universal power as a healing therapy was partially applied by Buddha but it was not more used to in public because of his different mission to spread peace all over the world. 

After 2500 years, coming in nineteenth century, one of Japanese practitioner named Dr. Mikau Usui, a devotee of Buddhism felt and experienced this supreme energy while he was in deep meditation continuously 21 Days in hill of Japan. After this realization while meditating, then he achieved different experiences from his great energy what he had felt from his deep saadhanaa. After this success application in his society, then he decided to promote this energy as healing therapy. He gave the name ‘Reiki’ in japanese word for this healing therapy.

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ has two words Rei + Ki that is Rei means universal power and Ki means Energy or cosmos intelligence. As this therapy, the healer gets the energy from universe and transfer to the receiver being a channel. This therapy is not only the therapy, is also the techniques for meditation. This therapy or techniques has many meditation paths, breathing techniques, awareness, loving kindness, art of silence, art of hypnotism and spiritual healing techniques as well.

Usui Reiki Ryoho based Reiki Healing, a traditional Reiki meditation and spiritual healing system has three Levels (Degrees) course, i.e.

First Degree – It is related Contact Healing, through the Reiki first breathing consciousness, listening consciousness, movements, and concentration.

Second Degree – It is a Distance Healing technique and it has telepathy practices, third eye activation practices, hypnotic, and mind technology will be practice, lights, and colors, visions, and aura, mantras, psychic symbols, and Vajra- van, all the physical, mental and emotional forces will be practices.

Third Degree – It is the final level or Master level of the Reiki Course.  It has two sections.

Section A – We practice all the healing techniques, to be connected always with the cosmic consciousness and with the Masters. This section is called Mastership in REIKI HEALING.

Section B- We practice to connect with Riki lineages, Reiki Attunement /Initation practices, no mindand higher intelligence practices.


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