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How to do Thunderbolt Pose ( Vajrasana )

3 Mar 2020 HYN Himalayan Yoga Academy

Thunderbolt Pose

Vajrasana, also known as the Thunderbolt pose, is a sitting posture which involves sitting on the knees with the calves beneath the thighs. It is the only pose that can be done on a full stomach. The pose is ideal for practicing meditation and breathing exercises like Pranayama, Kapalabhati, and Anulom Vilom. Further on How to do Thunderbolt Pose
You will also notice that this pose is used across various religious cultures for the purpose of praying, which in itself speaks a lot for the tranquillity it will offer to your mind. One of the most spectacular things about this yoga pose is that unlike most of the asanas this doesn’t have to be carried out in an empty stomach, rather, it is more efficient when practiced post any meal.

How To do Thunderbolt Pose :

  1. Kneel Down on the floor.
  2. Place your both toes together and heels apart.Then bring down the buttocks and place on the gap in between your heels.Touch your toes together.
  3. With your Hands in Chin or Jnana Mudra, simply place the palms down on the knees.
  4. Stay Erect.Then Closing your eyes breath normally.

Health benefits of Thunderbolt pose

  1. Improves posture: As while practicing Vajrasana, one thing that is required of you is to always keep your back straight. This helps you retain the position for a longer time and also helps in better absorption of all the benefits offered by the posture. Regular practice of this pose would then condition your back to always be straight and thus results in the improvement of the posture.
  2. Betters digestion : When you sit in vajrasana you obstruct blood flow to the lower part of your body – thighs and legs. This increases blood flow to your pelvic area and stomach due to which  bowel  movement and digestion becomes better. It aids liver functions as well,”
  3. Losing weight: becomes possible with regular practice of Vajrasana. You will see the difference in your belly fat after a few weeks of regular Vajrasana practice.
  4. Can help with arthritis: Regular yoga practice for a few months, coupled with a few pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation, helps you deal with arthritis
  5. Increases leg muscle strength and its flexibility: The stretching of your leg muscles and the intensive use of the joints involved in the practice of this pose stretches the ankles, thighs, knees as well as hips and thus results in ensuring their flexibility.
  6. Keeps you calm: The pose requires you to sit for a long duration of time with full concentration. It might make you uneasy initially but regular practice will help you build you the required patience and will also keep you calm.

Contraindications of Thunderbolt Pose ( Vajrasana )

  • People with injuries to the ligaments at the knees or ankles should avoid this pose.
  • intestinal ulcers or hernia patients
  • People with severe arthritis pain should not practice this pose.

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